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What is the Rumble Pack?

Currently on offer during the Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon Indiegogo campaign, the Rumble Pack is a new, Blacklist Games exclusive pack that contains the following:

- 1 Sticker Sheet (new Tide of the Dragon faction logos, as well as the Ayakashi faction logo)

- 12 New Ally/Rivals + Tokens for them:

  • Clint

  • Boris

  • Ignacio

  • Tyrone

  • Mountain General

  • Dao

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Kitsune

  • Yurei Ninja

  • Abolo

  • James Wong (previously available only as a Brook City stretch goal)

-3 Classic GenCon Promo Ally/Rivals + Tokens for them:

  • Chian

  • Dan

  • Max

- 2 New Showdown Decks (The Oni & The Nahualli)

- 15 Plastic Dividers (for Tide of the Dragon content & New Challengers Pack content, usable in the Aftershock collector's box)

NOTE: The Rumble Pack is already included in the Tide of the Dragon Pledge, Street Masters Pledge, Aftershock Pledge, and Combo Pledge.

Click the image below to visit the Indiegogo campaign!

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