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Mega Man Adventures Fulfillment begins this month!

Happy Lunar New Year! To start the year off with some great news, for anyone who had pre-ordered Mega Man: Adventures from us, we are excited to have KessCo help ship these orders to you! Understanding that delays with shipping have been difficult for all of you, KessCo is very happy to work together with us in finding the best solution possible.

This said, fulfillment will begin picking/packing in the next couple of weeks and shipping will begin on January 26th approximately continuing through January 31st until all games are fulfilled. KessCo is expecting the total process will be about 1 week.

Once fulfillment begins, we'll post another update so you'll know it's coming. In the meantime, if you have any address updates, we are offering one week (5 business days). In the meantime, if there are address changes, please send us an e-mail to:

Please make sure that your subject line says "MEGA MAN ADVENTURES". Keep in mind that this e-mail will only provide customer service to address changes in order to ensure that all of these are made. Any other questions or comments will be deleted from this e-mail at the end of the day. If you miss this deadline, the current data will be processed with fulfillment and games will be sent to the address they have on file.

Once again, a really big special thanks for KessCo in spearheading this to help us with the delays! KessCo and Blacklist Games are very excited to bring Mega Man: Adventures to your tabletops!

(NOTE: For the long delay, we have something special for those who have not yet received their pre-orders. This is still being approved by the licensor so it will be something sent after this fulfillment).

Also, at around the time of this post, here's a Mega Man Adventures Review from The Dice Tower!

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I still haven't got my copy - filled a form on your facebook website but never got an update - would be great to get the game someday - since I was one of the first buyers (pre ordered it way back in November '21)

Me gusta
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