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Important FAQs

To help with Customer Service Issues, here are some of the more common questions (and answers) collected from our Social Media, Kickstarter, and Gamefound threads. As more questions arise, we'll put them here in hopes that you'll find an answer to one of your questions here!


Click on the title that you have questions about below:


I still haven't received my pledge. Why can't you just send it out now?

We do not have any inventory for Brook City, except for the Trifecta (Base Game, Exclusive Keys to the Kingdom Expansion, and Stretch Goals), which are with QML. Currently, we are in discussion as to whether or not we will be given access to this inventory. As for the Delta Keys, Sixth Cycle, and Velocity expansions, we do not have any product in any of our warehouses. 

Will you ever re-print Brook City or its expansions?

Though we cannot promise this, it is something we are very interested in doing in the future in some shape or form.


I still haven't received my pledge. Where is it and when will I get it?

Right now, our Buddy Cop inventory is split in Hong Kong and also in our factory's warehouse. The ones intended to ship to backers are in Hong Kong at the moment. Although we do not currently have a date for when shipments can continue to go out, we are working on this as quickly as possible. We understand this is not what any of us want, but we will work through this. Keep an eye out for updates here.

What makes pre-orders different than other store products?

The versions of Mega Man, Buddy Cop, and Contra you will receive will come with exclusives that will not be available through other mass retail stores. For example, the 2nd printing of Contra in mass retail will not include minis and will have 2 stages; Buddy Cop has exclusives and Mega Man will include something special for backers (see below).


I still haven't received my pledge. Where is it?

Currently all of our Contra inventory is in Hong Kong awaiting fulfillment. For the past several months, we have been going through the steps to renew the Contra license while also adding the EU/UK regions. It has been taking a long process since it needs to be approved by their Japan and European Headquarters, as well as the US side preparing all the documentation. We are now almost complete with the process. Following, we will be able to continue fulfilling (we began fulfilling Q4 last year but was interrupted by licensing restrictions). We understand this is not what any of us want, but we will work through this. Keep an eye out for updates here.

What makes pre-orders different than other store products?

The versions of Mega Man, Buddy Cop, and Contra you will receive will come with exclusives that will not be available through other mass retail stores. For example, the 2nd printing of Contra in mass retail will not include minis and will have 2 stages; Buddy Cop has exclusives and Mega Man will include something special for backers (see below).

I've waited so long for these pre-orders, do I get anything for being patient and understanding?

Yes! We are currently working on something with the licensors in this regard. Though we can't announce it yet until it's approved, we do intend to include something for people who are still awaiting their pre-orders. 

I've seen Contra: The Board Game in mass retail (Target/B&N). What gives?

Kess, our mass retail distribution partner, got Contra: The Board Game into a couple of mass market channels. When the first version (larger one) was produced, that was intended for backers only. Unfortunately, several copies of that version went out into the wild (fortunately only at test stores) but was quickly pulled from the stores’ warehouses. The intended version was finally received recently (smaller version) and is now in distribution per Kess, but there are some copies of the backer version that unfortunately are still sitting on shelves.

Is the backer version (larger box) different than the mass retail version (smaller box)?

The difference between them is that the backer version includes 4 stages, 8 minis while the mass retail version (which will populate mass retail stores) only have cardboard standees and 2 stages.


Additionally, if you preordered Contra with us, you will receive the promo pack of exclusive content for free, which is a separate pack that mass retail never received copies of.

Why am I seeing Contra on Amazon when I haven't received mine yet?

KessCo is our distributor for both of these licensed games. Because we collaborated with them to acquire the license, the inventory distributed to Amazon and other stores are from inventory they purchased directly from the factory per our contract with them. They do not have access to our inventory so what they put up for distribution through those partnerships are outside of our control and per their own schedule.



Where is it? Has it made it on the boat yet?

All the items from the campaign have been produced, manufactured, and palletized. They have been ready for pick up at our factory overseas but we have been unsuccessful at arranging freight pick up and a boat schedule.

When will we receive it?

Currently, we are trying to acquire additional funding to help us complete fulfillment. We have already chosen our fulfillment partner and have given them all the backer data. Once we have the funding they require, we can begin arranging shipping/fulfillment immediately. Once we are at that point, we will provide updates and allow for a final round of address changes. We understand this is not what any of us want, but we will work through this. Keep an eye out for updates here.

How come I've seen this being sold in Greece already?

As the factory was finishing up mass production, one of our retailers, our exclusive distributor of Greece, had reserved copies of Dire Alliance direct from the factory. This means, they would pay a premium themselves, to have it air shipped from the factory to them, which they were willing to do. This was for Dire Alliance only, and was only for a specific amount (noted below). Their items were palletized separately from the rest of our Dire Alliance inventory. Once they paid, as per the contract, they were only airshipped those copies of Dire Alliance.

How many copies did they have in total?

They had purchased: 9 Dire Alliance Base Games, 9 Dire Alliance Stretch Goals, 19 Horror Minis: Series 1, 19 Horror Minis: Series 1 SG, and 9 Count leaders. They do not have anything other SKU from this campaign in their order.

Will that retailer be able to order more before backers are fulfilled?

No, not until backers are fulfilled, then any extra inventory will be made available globally. Those copies they received were reserved for them from the factory so it will not affect our current inventory.

Are there any more retailers that have copies of Dire Alliance?

No, this retailer is the only one in the world who has Dire Alliance/Horror:Series 1 and they are only distributing in Greece/EU. As mentioned, those are the only copies they have to sell.


I missed the QML deadline. Now what?

QML was very strict with their deadline, which was why both QML and BLG did everything we could in forms of e-mail, kickstarter/gamefound updates, press-release updates, and social media updates every week (and escalating communication the final few days). That said, we do not yet have an answer to this question, mainly because this is something that is currently being revisited with QML now that they have completed fulfillment of these miniatures. We are looking at the inventory left with them and seeing what options are available before announcing anything. So if you did miss the cut-off point, please keep an eye out for possible news, whether promising or not. Keep an eye out for updates here.

I paid for shipping with QML but still haven't received it?

QML said that they had completed all fulfillment responsibilities and will not be fulfilling any further copies. They said that they were very thorough and anyone who used their pledge manager, have already received it. If there are further questions about this, please contact QML directly since inventory, shipping/fulfillment, and the pledge manager was completely in their control.

My shipment was lost in the mail or stolen. Can QML replace this?

QML said that once products leave their warehouse, it is no longer their responsibility and that the backer must immediately contact the courier (ie. Fedex, DHL, UPS, etc). Since BLG does not have access to our inventory at QML's warehouse, we are unable to send a replacement at this time, mainly because QML will not fulfill any further FS1 shipments, even at our request.

I have a broken mini. Can I get a replacement?

We are looking at the inventory left with them and seeing what options are available before announcing anything. Please keep an eye out for possible news, whether promising or not. Keep an eye out for updates here.

I don't live in the US so QML won't be an issue. How do I get FS1?

We do not have much inventory remaining at our international warehouses, but now that QML has transferred our inventory within those hubs back to us, we are currently in the works of creating a system with those warehouses, in order to be able to sell or replace QA components of the products they do have. Keep an eye out for updates here.

I am one of the 40 EU backers who have not received the Judge & Jury Expansion. What now?

GamesQuest is preparing the products for us and will begin fulfilling these shortly, if they have not already done so.


Where is it? Has it made it on the boat yet?

All the items from the campaign have been produced, manufactured, and palletized. They have been ready for pick up at our factory overseas but we have been unsuccessful at arranging freight pick up and a boat schedule.​ Initially it was because of the lack of funds. Now, for very different reasons we have decided to seek another company to handle fulfillment. In the last update, this was our backup plan.

Currently, we have submitted the information on this project (SKUs, Backer QTYs, Product Dimensions, and Backer Count for each region) to the new company and soon, they will review and let us know how to proceed. If this works out, we will announce the company and give you their schedule for pickup, boat route/tracking, and estimated fulfillment time. This company is well-known and reputable but haven't been available to us until now. It is possible that if we can sign this month, that shipping could happen as early as March, but that is definitely not a solid date until a contract is signed. (This same information applies to the Dire Alliance campaign since everything will be shipped/fulfilled together, which is mentioned above.)

I am missing SKUs from the Aftershock Campaign (or things needing replacement). When can I get them?

In our current global warehouses, we currently have zero product. We are waiting for these reprint items to reach these warehouses. Once we have them there, we can start working on replacement requests and we will make announcements on our Kickstarter and Social Media with that info.

Are we going to get our games?

Yes. There was no doubt on our end that you will be receiving it. We designed the games, commissioned the artists/sculptors, produced and manufactured the product with the end goal of getting you these games. As mentioned consistently, it has always been our intention, though it has unfortunately taken way too long to get them to you.


How do we know the games exist?

All the items from the campaign have been produced, manufactured, and palletized. The games have been in our factory’s warehouse in China for quite some time. Because of that, we had our factory do a video unboxing of them several months ago while doing certified testing for mold (which all had passed with flying colors). For proof of product, here are those videos:


For additional photos of the product, you can check them out here:

What is the status of fulfillment?

We have signed with a publisher who will be announcing and taking over the complete fulfillment of this campaign.


Will this also include some missing product from Aftershock?



Who is the publisher taking over fulfillment?

As respect to our agreement with them, I am not able to mention this as they want to release this information via an official press release as well as public statement in their words, on our next update. The main takeaway from this is that they want to have everything in motion and the ability to accurately answer questions backers may have about their responsibilities in fulfillment and getting the games to you. I’m assuming they also don’t have the staff/resources to allocate for a possible wave of people aggressively asking questions they may not have all the answers to yet. Thus, the reason why we agreed in writing to this request.


I can say however, out of the 7 publishers I’ve seen speculated between these comment threads, our Facebook page, and the Official Facebook Fans Page, I’ve seen them mentioned. Additionally, with the Street Masters iOS and Android mobile app games transferring to their care soon, it’ll probably be very easy to figure it out on your own.


I don’t believe it, I want to see the actual contract.

No. Absolutely not. The contract is a confidential and legally binding document signed by the publisher and Blacklist Games and is intended to be that way. However, I can confirm that the final contract was signed and dated on Friday, July 21st.


Why can’t you just tell us more information?

Upon our agreement with the publisher, to ensure there is no misinformation or confusion, they are adamant that information will need to come from the press release/public announcement that they will provide.


But why are they taking so long to write an update? Surly they have some news.

Although I cannot speak for them, in order for them to provide an intelligent and informative update, these are what I know they will need to have a full grasp of before announcing anything:


  • Ownership/Release of all inventory from factory

  • Product/SKU count

  • Inventory/Pallet count

  • Backer information

  • Backer address change information

  • Publisher establishes/signs which shipping company they will use

  • Freight Cost/Assignment/Schedule (trucks to the docks)

  • Freight Cost/Assignment/Schedule (boats to each global ports)

  • Accurate calculation of inventory allocation between global warehouses

  • Freight Cost/Assignment/Schedule (ports to global warehouses)

  • Fulfillment Picking/Packing/Material Cost/Assignment/Scheduling

  • Shipping Costs and scheduling

  • Estimated time/date of arrival to your doorstep

  • QA Parts Allocation

  • How to handle/take over customer support for this campaign

  • Assess and strategize plans with remaining inventory after QA Allocation


Additionally, this is not their main project so they are extending their efforts to schedule in all of the above items between their own game production, campaigns, customer service, going to events, design, and running their business.


Note that the above checklist is what I see as the bare minimum of responsibilities they have by taking over this fulfillment, so they probably have a lot more items on their to-do list that I wouldn’t know about. Although I can confidently say that the ownership/release of all the Street Masters inventory from the factory has been done, I am not able to assume what they have accomplished so far. I just know that when they are ready to provide the Press Release/Public Announcement update, they will be ready to answer most questions with confidence.


Can’t we just pay for shipping directly to the factory?

Although in theory it sounds like a great idea, it’s not possible. The factory has said that they are not a shipping/fulfillment company so that’s not an option they can offer. Realistically they aren’t able to allocate staff to ship product out to backers, especially in a random capacity. Additionally, since the publisher has ownership of said inventory, it would not do anyone any good to overstep the shipping/fulfillment plans they already have in place.


Why am I just finding out about these things now?

Although per agreement I was not allowed to post any updates that specifically discussed who the publisher is or their internal fulfillment status, this information has been in our updates, answered in the comment threads, and more conveniently, on our website (in the Updates and FAQ sections).

Then when are we going to get this long-awaited Press Release/Update?

I don’t have an exact date, though I understand they are currently working on the things mentioned above, as they asked for additional details about a couple of the SKUs. They are fully aware of the pressure to fulfill sooner than later, so I believe if they are still waiting, it’s for your benefit to ensure fulfillment is smooth.

What if I need to change my address?

The window for Blacklist Games to collect address changes have closed, since I needed to provide that information to the publisher. But from what I understand, depending on who they use for fulfillment, their system will send out confirmation shipping e-mails where you can change your address if necessary. If not, I’d like to believe they will have a solution for this before packages go out.

What if I need help with other things?

To make it easier for you to communicate directly with us, the Blacklist Games website is now finally equipped with a Contact/Ticketing feature found in the "More" tab (or by the link at the bottom of the site).


Through this portal, you can find common questions and answers for each product, general questions, as well as have the ability to create a customer support ticket for questions not found on the portal or our website.


With this, the goal is to consolidate all the questions from our kickstarter/Gamefound threads, e-mails, and social media comments into one place to efficiently answer your questions.


Note, that since this feature is newly active there will most likely be an influx of tickets coming in, which will have longer than usual reply times until we can catch up (there's only one and a half of us resolving tickets but we'll try to get through them as efficiently as possible)!


Are you embargoing (holding back) red wax/PU/T1 samples?

No, there would be no point in doing that. Whenever the factory gives us things, we are more than happy and excited to have something to show you. Frankly, we're wanting to post everything up ASAP in an update. As you can tell from November, there was nothing to show so instead of posting an update that said there's nothing to show and here's "maybe" a date we'll receive something, we rather just post as soon as something comes in and all at once. We don't want to take a pool of things and sprinkle it to you to stretch updates, because it prevents you from understanding the flow of production. So it is how we're showing it (we just received these red wax over the weekend actually!)

Why does it take so long for the factory to do engineering, 3D whites, red wax, PU's, etc., especially with FS1 being so quick?

Although we can't speak completely for the factory, here are the facts:

  • FS2 has more minis

  • We got lucky with FS1 where during the beginning of the pandemic, it worked in our favor as we were one of the only projects the factory was working on, so their response rate and priority was completely focused on us.

  • Production for FS2 was during the height of the pandemic, which the factory suffered from weeks and months of unanticipated closures. When they picked up again, it took time for them to get people back to work. We personally don't know the details on their end, but you can read about it as what happened during this crisis.

  • Though they have been picking up with the work for us, they are at critical mass with production for big companies (you can pretty much guess who all of them are) that have even more miniatures than us. This doesn't mean they don't care about this project, rather they are just prioritizing what makes sense for their business. We are moving along again and we should see more progress soon.

Can you give a timeline for this to be done?

No, unfortunately we can't. I can, of course make a guess but it'll be based on an average of progress so far and not based on what the factory tells me, which would be completely inaccurate. The factory won't be able to give me a hard schedule until we hit mass production, and as you can see with the rate in red wax/metal moulds/PU samples, they aren't able to give me a date on when to expect these in general. Keep in mind that we want this out the door ASAP, but noted that it doesn't really give much of an outlook. Once we are able to give some sort of accurate schedule, we'll be sure to post.

Is this a scam? Will this ever be made?

This is not a scam. Not to sound sarcastic or snarky (definitely not what the message here is), if it were then there wouldn't be any need to produce anything, create the Lasting Tales book, pay the factory, or go through the process of sculpting the stretch goals, working with the factory for digital engineering approvals, manufacture production of the miniatures to produce the whites, red wax, PU samples, etc. The better question is, will this project continue to have risk? Yes. But we will be open with whatever happens, may it be delays, issues, or hopefully just good news to prevent the huge mismanagement felt from previous projects. Will shipping/fulfillment have the same debacle as FS1? We hope with every fiber it won't be and as of now, there should not be. If there's anything that seems like there will be, then we will face forward and tell you. But no, this is not a scam and there is EVERY intention for this project to be made and get into your hands.

I haven't received the PDF of Lasting Tales for some reason.

Ok, so this is a tough one. Though the person who originally uploaded and managed it on DriveThru RPG and its backend is no longer here, we have started to look into it and will figure it out for those who still need it.

Why can't we see the printed Lasting Tales book, does it exist?

Lasting Tales is already complete and had undergone its final round of typographical edits. The contents had expanded so much since this campaign launch and is so much more robust. The PDF was released to backers who were to receive the digital copy for free in their pledges, but the physical book has not been printed. All files are already at the factory and have been there for quite some time. Currently, the factory is waiting for mass production to begin with the miniatures before they begin printing/proofs of all the printed content of this campaign (such as the LT book, accessory sheets/cards, box, etc). Why can't they do the book first? Because if they produced all of that, we would just have to box it and store it in their currently, very limited warehouse space, which nobody wants. Why don't we print the books first and send them to backers before the minis?  That second wave of shipping was never budgeted even before the shipping crisis/inflation so unless the burden laid on backers, there is no way we can offer this unless we had those additional funds. 

I made the cut-off deadline for refunds but haven't seen it. Will I ever see it?

Yes, it is something that will happen. Currently, there are no extra funds to use for refunds as our accountant has locked down what we have for FS2/LT while it's still in production. As is, everything is super tight because we have no cashflow coming in since we haven't sold any product for a year because all of our inventory had been locked down. We have no new product and we haven't been attending any conventions. The funds locked for FS2/LT is reserved for upcoming freight, picking/packing, shipping materials, shipping/fulflllment, though with the inflated cost of shipping still, that amount is unknown and won't be the same as even today's rates.

Having said that, after FS1 fulfills, we'll figure out how to access our inventory and try to find simple ways to create some kind of cashflow. Once we do, we will absolutely honor those refunds that made it within the refund deadline.


Will Blacklist Games produce new games?

Yes. Although it seems like an uphill battle still, we still have a lot of exciting games in the queue that we put a pause on because of the shipping issues. Some of which were expanded content for specific games we have in our catalog. But before we can think about these, we are keeping our focus and resources completely locked in with finding solutions for shipping.

What is the best way to receive information on my products?

We are trying to be more active on Facebook (our official facebook page) and will continue to post updates to Gamefound, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo once we have information to share. Another way to get supplement and quick info to our main updates, will be here. As well, while we are answering questions via social media, any common questions will be added to this FAQ.

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