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The pages of Modern-day Saga Comics are filled with heroes and villains doing battle across both reality and the shared inter-dimensional space of the Astrallacy. While nefarious villains seek power and material wealth, valiant heroes fight to defend those that are caught in the middle of these epic conflicts—it is these everyday people that make reality worth fighting for, and now is their hour of need!

Blacklist Games is thrilled to announce Hour of Need, a cooperative game of comic book action for 1–4 players (or up to 6 with available expansions). Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, Hour of Need is the latest installment in their line of Modular Deck System (MDS) games. Set in an original world inspired by modern comic books, Hour of Need puts players in the roles of diverse heroes attempting to thwart dangerous villains from carrying out nefarious deeds! 

Coming to Kickstarter on November 5th, Hour of Need features fast gameplay, highly-detailed miniatures, and a variety of modular fixed decks for heroes, villains, and issues, letting players create their own comic book stories in the MDS Comics world!

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Mackenzie Jones was never fast, or even athletic. She spent most of her time buried in books or tinkering with broken electronics. Despite her professional pursuit of engineering, she always had a passion for medicine and anatomy—which would unfortunately prove to be a useful interest for her.

The accident that paralyzed Mackenzie happened on the way to work, as she was crossing the street. A speeding car nearly ran her over, but she dove out of the way to save everything but her legs. After adjusting to life in a wheelchair, Mackenzie devoted her life to medicine, finding balance in coping with her new life while understanding its cause—and secretly studying ways to reverse her condition. But nothing worked. 

Not until the night Refuser broke into her lab.

The scavenging villain was a master tinkerer, to a level that impressed Mackenzie—though her revulsion of his criminal ways outweighed any professional regard she may have had for him. Refuser held her captive as he used her lab’s equipment to attempt to unlock the secret of a device he had found ... and Mackenzie watched as he repeatedly failed. Fortunately, it wasn't long before the police ended the hostage situation and foiled Refuser's plans ... and in the commotion, Mackenzie managed to hide the device from the authorities.


After months of studying the thing, Mackenzie finally opened the strange contraption. Visions exploded into her mind of its origin and purpose—it came from another dimension, tied to her own through a place called the Astrallacy. But none of that mattered to her—in her visions, Mackenzie had found a solution to her condition, and she used the device to repair her damaged body. Unfortunately, the process did not go as smoothly as she had hoped and she “overcorrected” her injury, shattering the device in the process. Now, her legs could move at blinding speeds, and she eventually chose to use her newfound powers to help others as the hero Stride!


Warren Reed has no real memory of his time in the military—he was an elite commando in a highly-classified branch of the military, that much he knows, but he retained no working knowledge of any actual missions he undertook. What Warren does remember is the testing facility. He was kept sedated and restrained, but remained fully aware of the procedures performed on him. Days of sickness and pain stretched into months, then years. How many years he was kept in that facility, he can’t say, but he will always remember his escape.


The explosion that rocked the facility gave Warren the opening he needed. It was during his escape that he truly learned of his new abilities—whatever they did to him there, he was now able to create a sonic dampening field around him, making him virtually undetectable by sound. His body remembered his commando training, but the experiments performed on him elevated him from a master of stealth to a ghost. This made his escape simple, but he decided to take his time and repay the kind scientists there for their treatment of him. The slaughter that followed continued to haunt Warren as he lived life on the run, avoiding any interaction with any government persons. But he soon came to grips with the violence he was reborn in, and focused his aggression on things that were worth fighting for. The hero Majesty took him under her wing, helping him build his hero persona of Guerrilla while working through his past trauma. 



Despite his lifelong devotion to quantum engineering, Joshua Brink never dreamed of being small—his ego alone was enough to fill an entire room. But he was cut down to size by an experiment gone wrong when his team decided to delve too deep into the Astrallacy, the inter-dimensional space that had recently become a playground for all open-minded scientists that were brave enough to attempt to comprehend its existence. Joshua’s small team of acclaimed researchers were granted clearance to work on a government-funded project focused on studying—what they were told were—remains of a crashed satellite found off the coast. Joshua soon discovered the material was not of this world, and as his team probed the atomic makeup of it, they unknowingly opened a gate that released a mysterious energy. Whatever it was shrank Joshua to the size of a toy action figure while also drastically increasing his strength, agility, and even his already staggering intellect.


While Joshua had no way to return to his normal size, he was always one to make the best out of situations and used his new understanding of alien tech to create a suit to pilot. Jokingly calling himself Micro-guy, the name quickly stuck as he continually sought the spotlight by performing various heroic feats on the crime-ridden streets of New Crown City. Despite his narcissistic nature, and an ego that a body his size should not be able to hold, Joshua has proven to be a valuable protector of Earth and its reality.




Bridget Walsh was born under a baleful sign—a streak of abyssal black cutting through the morning sky; a tear in our reality. The anomaly that marked Bridget’s birthday was studied fervently by scientists for decades to follow, but was destined to become tabloid fodder printed on the same pages as reports of U.F.O. and Bigfoot sightings. However, the occurrence left its mark on Bridget permanently. As a child, Bridget’s parents observed what they convinced themselves were hallucinations—explosions of brilliant light, levitation, and bouts of inexplicable euphoria. Unbeknownst to them, an interstellar force had escaped its dimension through the tear and found a host in Bridget, granting her a set of powers that would be crucial in the saving of not just her world, but her entire reality.


By the time Bridget reached adolescence, she became fully aware of her abilities, and did everything she could to hide them at her parents’ instruction. Fearing their daughter might be taken from them, Lynn and Arthur Walsh moved frequently, relocating any time their daughter’s abilities drew unwanted attention. Bridget wouldn’t become a hero until the day her parents sacrificed themselves to the Galactic Emissary of Mythora—who was destined to become the hero known as Gem—in an effort to hide the Parity Shards, which would certainly fall into the wrong hands and lead to the world’s demise should they remain on Earth. Lynn and Arthur became lost in the web of cosmic gates known as the Astrallacy so Bridget could protect the Earth as Majesty, using the powers she inherited from the ancient, interdimensional spirit of hope and positivity within her—powers that her world so desperately lacked.


During the day, Rebecca Morris is an unassuming medical student major at Crowley University. But at night, atop the sprawling rooftops of Meridian City, she prowls alongside the hero Judge, dispersing justice in a city on the brink of chaos. Fostered at an early age when her father went mysteriously missing after the death of her mother, Rebecca has spent her life in “the system.” She’s lived on the streets as a runaway, in a mansion as a ward, and ultimately in a college dorm on a full-ride gymnastics scholarship. She never considered her life comfortable or easy, but she came from a unique background that made her transition into crime fighting inevitable.


Rebecca began investigating her father’s disappearance at the age of fourteen, when all she had to go off of was the acronym G.R.A.I.L., which she had found on a cloth patch on one of his old jackets. After two years of obsessive investigating, Rebecca found her next lead—Kara, an older woman that had been committed to the Sagamore Sanitarium. The patient raved about her time as a “grail agent,” detailing dangerous missions she had undergone in foreign countries. It sounded like something from a pulp adventure movie, but Rebecca followed up on clues from Kara’s ravings ... and found herself running into Judge, the dark angel of Meridian City. On that day, Rebecca committed her life to earning Judge’s trust by becoming Jury, fighting crime alongside the legendary hero in the hopes of one day uncovering the secret of G.R.A.I.L. and discovering what happened to her father.  




Cassandra Russo was not always infested with an otherworldly menace, pushing her to sinister lengths in a blinding pursuit of power and wealth. She was once a devoted wife to Luigi Russo—better known as the criminal mastermind Wiseguy—who was head of the mob in New Crown City. Villainous ambition was born within Cassandra when a surprise police raid drove Luigi’s crew from their usual place of operations. The Russo mansion became the temporary home for the mob, and it was due to this happenstance that Cassandra was one night drawn into her husband’s study. She was alone in the house, and a strange sensation compelled her to enter the one room of their home that she had never stepped foot in. It was there she found the capsule—a smooth device that looked like it was swiped off the set of a science fiction film. The compelling sensation pushed her on, and when she opened the device, the entity within found a new host.


The being known as Rampant was from a remote corner of the Astrallacy, and existed only to break barriers. Once Rampant merged with Cassandra, every one of her deepest, darkest desires were suddenly untethered, and she became the woman she was born to be: Dowager. It wasn’t long after her union with Rampant that Dowager arranged for the death of her controlling husband, leaving her in full control of the mob.


Not only is Dowager a criminal mastermind that spent years learning mob tactics and methods from her husband, but Rampant imbues her with inhuman strength and other powers that can manifest in different ways, depending on various alignments within the Astrallacy.


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