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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends

Hello Backers! We wanted to share some exciting news with you in regards to the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends board game we’ve previously teased. Though Blacklist Games has created an exciting gameplay/design experience for the Street Fighter V: CE Legends Board Game, we have officially passed the torch to Kolossal Games, known for Western Legends, Mezo, Ruination, Reload and most recently Almost Innocent, to bring Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends to life! This partnership allowed Blacklist to collect funds, with nearly half earmarked to delivering games to previous Blacklist Games campaigns (more on this and our other actions in Blacklist's next announcement.)

This means, Kolossal Games will be launching their own campaign for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends (all funds raised are solely raised, received, and managed by them), they will produce and manufacture it, and will also be working with their own fulfillment company to ship the games to you. Given their track record of successful projects, we are extremely excited that this board game will be in the best hands, from theirs to yours!

Kolossal Games will have an official announcement as to when they’ll be launching this year, In the meantime, keep an eye out for news and updates on their social media as well as ours!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends is a 1-4 player, cooperative miniatures board game starring your favorite characters from the video game, in an exciting and modular experience. In each game, you will take on the role of your favorite World Warrior and work together to defeat your rivals to overcome your nemesis. Select your character, choose your fighting style, build your combos, unleash your abilities, and create your legend

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