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Webstore Orders - Delays & Restocks

Thanks to everyone who purchased something from our webstore since it opened a few weeks ago! We've had a few questions come in regarding the webstore so we wanted to address them here for you:

Where is my order? I ordered over 20 business days ago!

We acknowledge that orders have been very slow to go out and have gone over the expected 20 business days window. We apologize for this delay; please rest assured our fulfillment partner is working hard to get everything out. As with everything these past 12 or so months, the delays were due to a number of factors, including:

  • COVID-related workforce reduction for regional safety restriction adherence (still ongoing in various parts of the world)

  • the 2020 holidays resulting in a further reduced workforce (which is no longer an issue now that we're in 2021, which is helping orders go out more frequently)

All that to say: if you still have not received a shipping email notice, do not worry; all orders are in the hands of our fulfillment partner and are processing slowly but surely. They are in the queue that reaches workers so they can pick, pack and ship.

I understand a desire to contact us to inquire about when your order will ship, but at this point we cannot get an ETA on when a specific order will ship since everything is currently listed as "processing", but we've seen roll out begin to ramp up so it shouldn't be much longer now.

Additionally, to clarify: if your order is marked with a "fulfilled" status, this is in actuality a status that states the order has been provided to the fulfillment partner by us and is in their hands awaiting picking/packing/shipping.

We appreciate your continued patience as we let our partners do what needs to be done to get the orders out!

Everything is sold out! Will you restock?

Thanks to everyone who helped make this "first wave" of the webstore such a success! We have sold out of the stock we attributed to the webstore, and we're very happy to see such an enthusiastic response to our games being available outside Kickstarter.

We are working hard to acquire additional stock where we can for certain products, and hope to enhance the webstore experience even further when the second wave of stock is available!

Keep following our social media and newsletter (see footer below) to make sure you don't miss news relating to the webstore. And yes, if we have leftovers from a Kickstarter campaign, they'll be available on our webstore!

Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing patience and support; we look forward to continuing to bring you exciting games! In the meantime, don't forget the webstore allows you to see the pre-orders we currently have available!

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Ordered on December 22nd and noting yet and zero shipment email. Asked for a refund couple weeks ago but they refused even though they have not shipped and no idea when it will be shipped.


I order nearby 17th décembre.

Can i expect any answers soon ?


Hi I just discovered street masters, and iam in love with it. What will be the easiest way for me to be able to get all the content for street masters. I have the base game. Are there late pledges availabile not sure how long it's been since it closed. Or will you have copied of everything available to purchase. What's my best option. Thanks


My order status is shipped but inside the specifications is awaiting shipment what's this is means? I don't receive any mail confirmation...


Victor Prodan
Victor Prodan
Jan 14, 2021

My order's status is shipped, but I did not receive any email notification with tracking info. What does this mean?

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