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Steamforged Games X Street Masters

Steamforged Games Acquires Street Masters from Blacklist Games

Manchester, UK - November 28, 2023 - Steamforged Games, a leading publisher in the tabletop gaming industry, has today announced acquisition of the popular board game, Street Masters, from Blacklist Games.

Street Masters is a 1-4 player cooperative board game inspired by classic fighting video games, allowing players to pit powerful miniature fighters against villainous organisations in thrilling scenarios and lighting-fast combat.

Key features of Street Masters:

● 1-4 player cooperative gameplay

● Combat inspired by classic fighting video games

● Diverse scenarios that immerse players in a world of strategic combat and immersive storytelling

● Highly detailed miniatures, unique decks, and custom dice

This strategic acquisition positions Steamforged Games to take the reins in the ongoing development, production, and distribution of Street Masters, ensuring the game's continued success and expansion. Steamforged is committed to immersive and high-quality gaming experiences—with a strong portfolio of original, licensed, and acquired IP—making the publisher an ideal steward for the future growth of Street Masters.

Steamforged Games co-founder and CEO, Rich Loxam, commented:

"We’re thrilled to welcome Street Masters into the Steamforged library. Being a company of gamers as well as a publisher, we only take on projects we’re genuinely passionate about, and Street Masters is a game we’ve loved for a long time. We look forward to taking the reins, welcoming the fans into our thriving community, and exploring the exciting possibilities for the Street Masters world.”

In addition to the acquisition, Steamforged will be taking over the outstanding Street Masters Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Backers can expect communication from Steamforged in the coming weeks with further details and updates.

About Steamforged Games

From small beginnings in the corner of a hobby gaming store in Manchester, UK, Steamforged Games has gone on to create tabletop adaptations of some of the biggest video games around.

The company’s history of adaptations began with the wildly successful Dark Souls™ Board Game. Steamforged took the game to Kickstarter back in 2016, where it raised £3.7million followed by significant success at retail and is still one of the best-selling board games out there.

Since then, Steamforged’s catalogue has grown to include original tabletop roleplaying lines like Animal Adventures and Epic Encounters — which Forbes called the “Blue Apron [of] Dungeons & Dragons” — and popular board game versions of triple-A video games such as Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil™ 1, 2, and 3, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and more, all well-received as authentic experiences true to the brand DNA.

Now the UK’s leading developer and publisher of licensed tabletop games, Steamforged is led by a love of the craft, a collective pride in what they create, and a mission to deliver compelling tabletop experiences that capture the emotions and inspire the imaginations of players around the world.

For more information about Steamforged Games and their lineup of games, please visit

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