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Hour of Need Late Pledges Return!

Heroes! Time for BIG news!

We reached out deep into the Astrallacy to find some way, any way, of bringing the Hour of Need pledge manager back from the cold, dark recesses of space. All our heroes joined this most important mission, contributing their blood, sweat and super powers ... and in the end, we managed to vanquish the obstacles that stood in our way and return with our prize!  

That's right: we're happy to report that by popular demand, both the Hour of Need pledge manager and late pledges are available again for a very limited time! You and your friends can get all the Hour of Need items you want until August 31, 2020, at 11:59 PM EDT via!

However, there's an important caveat:

All orders are final; refunds not possible

This is an unexpected reopening of the pledge manager, and as such it is important to note that the original deadline for refunds (March 14, 2020) stands. Therefore, any existing, updated or new orders cannot receive refunds. Please keep this in mind before adding content to your order or making a new one. Thank you!

Can I add more stuff to my existing order?

Yes! You can log into, go to "Backed Projects" in your account, and find your Hour of Need order. Once inside the order you'll see a "Add more products" button you can click!

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