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Dire Alliance: Horror - Now on Kickstarter

Dire Alliance: Horror, the quick-playing game of tactical deckbuilding for 1–4 players, is now on Kickstarter! Designed by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson (Undaunted: Normandy, War Chest) and Adam and Brady Sadler (Street Masters, Heroes of Terrinoth), Dire Alliance: Horror, features two ways to play the game: Battle Mode (2 players, competitive) and Raid Mode (1–4 players, cooperative).

Additionally, Horror: Series 1 is also available from Blacklist Miniatures! This beautiful set of preassembled, highly detailed plastic miniatures is intended to be used with any tabletop board game, miniatures game, or role-playing game. It is also fully compatible with Dire Alliance: Horror!

From crazed butchers to grave diggers, wolfmen to mad scientists, vampire hunters to innocent villagers, horror gamers will find all they need to represent the heroes, villains and monsters found in their adventures!

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