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Blacklist Games Announces Buddy Cop

“A cooperative card game of blockbuster action for 1-2 players.”

Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2020.

Brook City is a hotbed of criminal activity. Thankfully, the men and women of the BCPD are ready to take out the trash. While each officer is highly-trained and more than capable of getting the job done on their own, the best cops know that you should always have someone watching your back.

Blacklist Games is thrilled to announce Buddy Cop, a cooperative card game of blockbuster action for 1-2 playersexpandable to 4 players with future releases. Designed by Mitch Schroder (Brook City: Velocity, Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon) and set in the same universe as Brook City, Buddy Cop sees players take on the role of heroic cops tasked with bringing down criminal operations in the middle of an intense shootout.

Buddy Cop offers unparalleled modularity with its different fixed card decks that can be mixed and matched to create custom scenarios. Players first choose a cop to embody, wielding their unique cop deck to make use of their signature skills and abilities. Then, they’ll choose an operation deck, detailing not only the locations where criminal activity is taking place, but also what exactly the criminals are up to and how they win. Lastly, they’ll select a criminal deck to go up against, containing both the criminal mastermind behind the caper, as well as the minions they’ll unleash against our officers.

Buddy Cop also features an innovative Action Track, where players must make hard choices regarding which actions to perform each round. They can spend their hard-earned Grit on more expensive actions immediately … or wait for the action to flow down the Action Track, lowering its cost!

Featuring custom dice, clever card play, and resource management, Buddy Cop is a quick and fun way to live out your favorite action movie!

Buddy Cop is available for pre-order now via, and has an expected release window of Q2 2021. It comes with 2 Acrylic Cop Standees, 2 Cop Decks, 2 Cop Boards, 2 Criminal Decks, 3 Operation Decks, 1 Operation Board, and all the dice and tokens you need to play.

Read our first designer diary entry, then stay tuned to for more information and previews!

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