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Blacklist Games Announces Blacklist Miniatures: Horror Series 1

Los Angeles, CA – Sept 11, 2020.

Blacklist Games is proud to announce the next entry in its popular line of Blacklist Miniatures products: Horror Series 1. Inspired by Gothic and Victorian horror, this new series provides gamers with highly detailed plastic miniatures to be used in any horror game. While these miniatures represent characters found in our upcoming horror board game Dire Alliance: Horror, they can be used with any horror tabletop board game, miniatures game, or role-playing game.

“The success of our Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter has opened the door for us to explore creating miniatures in other popular genres,” said Adam Sadler, VP of Product Development. “With Horror Series 1, we’re proud to offer an exciting line of miniatures that caters to those of us who enjoy classic horror settings. As with all Blacklist Miniatures products, our goal is to offer our customers a large number of quality miniatures at a reasonable price.”

Blacklist Miniatures: Horror Series 1 will be available during the Kickstarter for Blacklist Games’ new horror board game Dire Alliance: Horror on October 27, 2020 at 12pm EDT and offer a beautiful set of 70 highly detailed horror miniatures along with exclusive price points and stretch goals for both backers and retailers.

Visit for more information and previews as we lead up to launch day!

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