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A Look at Tide of the Dragon's Characters PT. 3

With Tide of the Dragon currently on Indiegogo, (only for a few more hours!) we want to take a closer look at some of the new fighters and enemies you'll encounter within!

Oh, side note: if you're interested in learning more about the new Terrain elements in Tide of the Dragon, you can click here!

And now, a look at the remaining enemy faction in Tide of the Dragon: The Fire Cloud Gang!

Oscar Kham

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Oscar might be the least resilient of the Fire Cloud gang, but he’s the fastest and he sure packs a kick! If he doesn’t hit you the first time, he’ll unleash a devastating attack that deals extra damage! So, maybe you should let him land the first blow?

Luke Elba

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Luke is tough, no doubt about it. He’s got good initial health, and gains defense tokens relatively quickly if he’s given time to catch his breath. Don’t leave him out on the board too long!

Lion Sloan

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Lion is a tactical genius and a terrifying martial artist, among other things. He has the highest health value of all Tiger’s minions, and is well-rounded in terms of defense. Additionally, he has ways of reaching anyone remotely close to him thanks to his speed and agility, so if you’re going in for the kill, make sure you actually finish him off!

Ok, and how about the head of the Fire Cloud Gang, Tiger Ip himself?

Tiger Ip

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Tiger is ruthless and uses his minions as more than just attack dogs. Every minion you down is an opportunity for Tiger to learn your tactics. Mechchanically, this means a defeated minion is attached to your character and when you approach Tiger, he'll trigger its "trap" ability, allowing him to do something truly devastating to you before you even land a hit!

Additionally, he isn't afraid to one-up you by bringing out a few lethal toys for a spin!

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New Challenger Pack Previews

The New Challenger Pack contains 6 full fighter decks and hero stories for some classic allies! We all know their stories from previous titles, so here are some quick previews of what to expect for their fighter decks! You can click each image to enlarge it.

Oh and some cards are still having their art refined, so that's why there are some blanks ;)

As a practitioner of Capoeira, Isabella needs to keep the rhythm in order to land her attacks. If she's ever offbeat, she's going to hurt herself!

Darius is a toxicologist, a skilled herbalist capable of producing some virulent poisons! He uses these poisons to slowly whittle away enemies' health... but also to cure ailments that might not be cured otherwise!

Mary Ann is a skilled fighter, but she isn't afraid to use whatever is around her to get the job done. In Street Masters, that means crates! She will not only get the loot hidden in these helpful boxes, but she will horde said boxes until she can find a way to use them offensively!

Zane is small, but dont underestimate his ability to spar with the best of them. He is capable of maximizing the use of his Tactic cards, and can also move enemies around the board in order to position them for the ultimate takedown!

Sera is a rebel, and this is represented by her ability to play multiple cards per turn if some of those are tagged as "Rebel" cards. She also has her very own rocket launcher (which she may or may not have lifted from Dmitri's personal stash)...

Mr. Apple thinks he's the best fighter out there. In reality, he's just a guy who likes to dance and who gets really, really lucky. Half the time he knocks opponents out, he isn't even aware he hit anyone! That said, his bizarre gyrations can hypnotize enemies and his shoes can have him move around the stage more than anyone! But, when he attacks, well... you're never sure what's going to happen...


Alrighty folks, that concludes the gameplay updates for Tide of the Dragon and the New Challengers Pack! We'll showcase more previews in future, post-campaign updates of course :)

For now, go ahead and visit the Indiegogo campaign:

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