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A Look at Tide of the Dragon's Characters PT. 2

With Tide of the Dragon currently on Indiegogo, we want to take a closer look at some of the new fighters and enemies you'll encounter within! This is the first of many articles showcasing these great new characters!

Oh, side note: if you're interested in learning more about the new Terrain elements in Tide of the Dragon, you can click here!

Bruce Lin

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Bruce is all about proper positioning on the board, and to truly capitalize on being at the right place at the right time, he introduces a unique mechanic to Street Masters: facing!

Bruce’s mini will have an arrow on it indicating which side of his current space/hex his facing, and this will give him all sorts of advantages during a fight. Any figure in the space adjacent to Bruce in the direction the arrow is indicating is considered in “front” of Bruce.

When attacking a target in front of him, Bruce can reroll one of his fighter dice before resolving the attack. When defending from an attack made by an enemy in front of him, Bruce can reroll one of his attacker’s enemy dice before resolving the attack.

While Bruce may only adjust his facing after he moves, he’ll have plenty of tricks up his non-existent sleeves thanks to cards that not only allow him to adjust his facing multiple times, but also boost the abilities he gains when facing an opponent. He’s also quite nimble and has abilities that let him move through enemies or even knock them back!

Bruce brings a whole new dynamic to Street Masters, and both veterans and newcomers alike will love learning how his unique playstyle truly makes him stand out amongst the pack!

Viktoria Jovovich

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Viktoria’s deck highlights her vast combat experience and focuses on her use of technique over power. A master of the grappling arts, she is always thinking several steps ahead. Rather than capitalizing on small gains now, Viktoria sees the big picture, and saves those gains for a much larger payout later. To the casual observer, it may seem like she’s letting opportunities slip by, but anyone who’s spent as much time on the mats as she has can plainly see that she is firmly in control.

Viktoria’s deeply technical combat is rooted in her ability to give up defense tokens that she gains to power up her tactics for extra boosts at a later point. Every fighter knows that technique beats power and that efficiency of movement is key to victory. By giving up defense tokens she knows she won’t need, she is able to make the most of her actions without wasting any effort.

Why save her legs for blocking kicks that aren’t coming when she could use them to gain a better position? Why save her arms to block punches the enemy isn’t throwing when she could use them to leverage her body weight and power?

Viktoria may not be as spontaneous as an improv king like Jirou, but give her time to plan and she can’t lose.


That's it for this update! We'll be back soon with another preview full of character showcases!

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