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Twin brothers Axel and Rhys Murdock are former police beat cops that were driven from the force after being framed for a crime they did not commit. Now, after clearing their names, they run a meager dojo in downtown Ransom City, taking in kids from the street to teach them discipline in a world where crime is the only alternative. Unfortunately, their dabbling in the Onyx League's affairs has drawn unwanted attention...

The Onyx League is an amalgamation of various street gangs, united under a mysterious overlord known as Mack. The Onyx League's enforcers ensure that no business operates in Ransom City without paying the appropriate protection, and no street hero becomes too bold to defy Mack's authority.

Street Masters: Twin Tiger is an expansion to Street Masters that allows players to experience a brand new story set in the gutted streets of Ransom City, centered around the Onyx League and the strange ties it has with a global entity known as The Kingdom. What could the union between the Onyx League and The Kingdom mean? There's only one way to find out ...

Twin Tiger introduces two new fighters, a deadly new enemy faction, two new stages, and more!

Designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler, Twin Tiger offers modular and elegant gameplay set in a unique and exciting world of street brawling action!

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Ransom City is no more. A missile strike from an unknown origin has turned it to rubble, killing millions in the process.Those that survived emerged from the destruction only to be greeted by V.A.N.D.A.L.; a mysterious mutagen that had terrifying effects on those exposed.

While the government lies destabilized due to the Kingdom’s nefarious activities, the souls trapped in Ransom City have been left to fend for themselves. However, the pharmaceutical giant Parasol Incorporated has taken matters into its own hands and begun to lead cleanup efforts, a decision met with universal praise from the outside world.

Unfortunately, for those within the nightmare, the corporation's arrival has made things worse. Their interests seem skewed, their actions are questionable, and since their "efforts" have begun, people have disappeared, strange mutated creatures have crawled out of the shadows, and what can only be described as monsters straight out of horror movies have begun to run rampant.

Now, it is time for the survivors to fight. Fight for the truth ... and their futures.

Aftershock is a deluxe expansion for Street Masters, adding four new fighters, four new stages, two new enemy factions, new loot cards, and two new ways to customize your play experience: missions and showdowns. 


The mission deck is included to speed up multiplayer games by adding additional ways to support your fellow fighters. Mission cards allow fighters to gain powerful mission tokens, that can in turn be used to assist your fellow fighters during their turn. 


Showdowns are a new type of story deck that can be used in any story mode game, adding a villainous character working in the shadows against the fighters. Each showdown deck introduces a unique story for the associated enemy deck, as well as upgrade cards that will truly test the fighters! Players can also choose to include these enemy upgrade cards in their arcade games to increase difficulty and customize their games even further. 


Additionally, Aftershock comes packed in a massive storage box that is designed to hold all existing Street Masters decks and tokens, as well as room for future content. 

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New Challengers Pack



They'd watched it all from the sidelines for too long. It was time to make their mark and show the world what they were made of.

The New Challengers Pack is an expansion for Street Masters that allows players to play some of classic allies and rivals as full-fledged fighters! Each comes with its unique fighter deck, as well as its own personal story deck! 

Designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler, with Scott McFall and Mitch Schroeder, the New Challengers Pack offers modular and elegant gameplay set in a unique and exciting world of street brawling action!

This expansion is a Blacklist Games exclusive.

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Yokai, a warrior born of mystery and fire, has amassed a legion of followers in his quest to claim his birthright, a powerful energy that rests at the top of the Cursed Mountain of Oni. He commands the legendary Yurei Ninja clan and a mysterious woman named Kitsune, considered by many to truly be the legendary nine-tailed fox made flesh.


Having trekked through the Forest of Sorrow, Yokai and his minions have begun their ascent. Will the Global Gladiators have the courage and endurance to prevent him from fulfilling an ancient prophecy and reaching his true, devastating potential?

Legend of Oni is an expansion to Street Masters that introduces a new powerful enemy faction, four new challenging stages, and a new story that dives into ancient lore that haunts some of your favorite characters from the series!


This expansion is a Blacklist Games exclusive.

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Kyoryu had gone astray. After learning of his ties to Yokai, and the dark gift they shared, he had cut himself off from the world to find his path. Unfortunately, the powers within him were stronger than his spirit, and his mind and soul were consumed.  

Hanzo, the man who raised and tutored him, watched helplessly as his former student skirted the edge … and fell into the abyss. The man, no, demon, that emerged called itself Ikuchi, a rage-filled monster obsessed with calling down the storms it controlled for a singular purpose: the eradication of all who stood between it and more power.  

Essence of Evil is an exciting new expansion that sees fan-favorite Hanzo become a fully-developed fighter. He comes with his own 25-card Fighter Deck (and Hero Story Deck), which players will be able to use in any game of Street Masters. There’s also a brand new enemy faction, The Ayakashi. It’s one of the most powerful enemy factions to date, so you’ll have to train hard to defeat them. Both these new elements can duke it out on two brand-new action packed stages, Reign Storm and Ring of Fire! The brand-new included story, which sees Hanzo trying to stop a former pupil from going off the deep end, will be your ultimate challenge! 


This expansion is a Blacklist Games exclusive.

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