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Altar Quest - Update #39

Happy New Year, heroes of Aridika!

Hope you all had a pleasant holiday season? Now that we're officially in 2020, we're getting closer and closer to Altar Quest arriving at your doorsteps! Things were a little slow over the last few weeks due to the aforementioned holidays, but here's where we're at:

Development Update

Manufacturing continues, with the factory busy updating some mini sculpts based on feedback we provided. They've also produced some very fine-looking altar dice! Feast your eyes on these:

The factory is currently on break for Chinese New Year, but we're hopeful the Sadlers will receive proofs sometime after, possibly even in February, so they can see the current state of things and take some photos for you!

Oh and before I forget: once those proofs come in, they'll host a live Q&A to say hi and answer your latest questions! We'll announce more details as we get them!

Leyson Pines Card Samples

With the Wolf Moon having been earlier this month, I realized I hadn't yet shown off cards relating to our cursed hero, Leyson Pines!

Here's a look at a few key cards in his deck! I'd show more, but need to keep some surprises for delivery day ;)

Oh, please keep in mind I used screenshots of the cards, so the clarity/quality/colors are off compared to the final printed product!

Altar Quest Rulebook

Many of you have asked, and I'm happy to finally announce that a PDF of the Altar Quest rulebook can be downloaded using the link below! Enjoy!

That's it for this month, adventurers! Until next time, remember ...

Seek the altars!

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