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Hour of Need Designer Diary #1

Hello, fellow citizens of New Crown City!

Brady here, one of the designers of Hour of Need. Adam and I wanted to do something pretty special for this game, since it’s a theme we’ve cherished throughout our entire lives—our earliest creative endeavors were writing and drawing our own comic books! Besides wanting to make a highly-thematic game that captured the feel of a climactic comic book encounter, we also wanted to make this game our most fun and most accessible design yet.

To that end, we’ve structured the Hour of Need product model in a way that gives players plenty of entry points and massive expandability. In the weeks leading up to the Hour of Need Kickstarter campaign, we will highlight various gameplay elements and design philosophies, but today we will focus on the overall product line.

Hour of Need is a cooperative game of comic book adventure for 1–4 players. However, the game can be played up to 6 players with expansions (more on that below). The core game of Hour of Need will feature 4 iconic heroes from our new (and classic) Modern-day Saga Comics universe—that’s right, MDS Comics. Additionally, the core game will feature 2 villains to face off against and 4 issues—these are the encounters that are driven by an issue board where tactical gameplay happens and an issue deck that drives the villain’s objective.

The B&W version of the Hour of Need cover

While the core game alone is plenty of gameplay to keep your nights filled with classic crime fighting action, players can also expand their game with 2-player stand-alone expansions. These expansions add 2 new heroes, 1 new villain, and 2 new issues to the game, as well as providing all the materials that 2 players need to play a full game!

Not only are these 2-player stand-alone expansions a great entry point to the world and gameplay of Hour of Need, but they are also a great way to expand and add variety to your core game. If that wasn’t enough, players can combine their 2-player stand-alone expansions with a core game to play up to 6 players!

This product model is specifically designed to offer players multiple entry points and expandability options for Hour of Need in an effort to make it as accessible as possible.

Stay tuned for more details about the Hour of Need gameplay features that we’re most excited about! - Brady Sadler

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