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Joining an Online Demo​

Please read the instructions below to successfully join your scheduled demo. Have fun!

Step 1 - Locate your invite email

You will receive an email from your event host (sent from an email address that ends with the day of your scheduled demo. Please read it as it will contain important information such as server names and passwords.

Step 2 - Join the Discord server to talk with the host and the other players you are demoing with

The email you receive will provide you with a link to a Discord server. Clicking it will allow you to join it. Please make sure to join it at least 10 minutes before the start of your scheduled demo to ensure everything is functioning well.

Once there, you can click the "GENERAL" voice chat channel to enter voice chat. This server will be "push to talk," so you will need to push and hold a key to speak.

If your host isn't online yet, don't worry, he will be shortly!

join voice chat.png

Configure push-to-talk and headset
To configure your preferred push-to-talk key, you can do this in your user settings (found at the bottom of Discord, generally). This is also where you can make sure your headset is properly configured.

user settings.png

Once inside the User Settings menu, navigate to Voice & Video. Click Push to Talk, and then click the Shortcut binding button to select your preferred button that you will push (and hold) to talk during gameplay. We recommend TAB.

push to talk.png

How to mute/deafen
While push to talk prevents you from being heard while you are not pressing the appropriate key, it's always good to know how to "mute" yourself officially in Discord. Also, sometimes you don't want to hear the others speaking. "Deafen" allows you to do that.

Step 3 - Join the Tabletop Simulator server to play the game.

The email you receive will provide you with the name of a Tabletop Simulator server and a password.


Launch Tabletop Simulator and from the main menu, click "Join."


You will be presented with a server search window. Make sure to uncheck "friends only" from the bottom. Then, type in the name of the server that was provided in the email.

NOTE: this process can be very slow, and it might take a few minutes to find the server.

searching for server on TTS.png

Once you find the server, you can connect to it and enter the password that was provided in the email.

This will begin to load the game. 

Please note: in rare occurrences, some players might be unable to properly load the game due to various factors such as a bad internet connection or insufficient computer hardware. If this happens to you, you will be asked to log in and out to try again. If you still cannot load the game, the moderator will have to carry on without you in order to keep the demo on schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

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