Altar Quest - Altar Dice

May 17, 2019


The world of Rhuna is said to have been created by an unwilling collective entity known simply as Rhune. Each aspect of Rhune is an element of the world: Aluna (light), Nethander (shadow), Wathe (water), Volkris (fire), Lowek (wind), and Brase (earth). While Rhune is the god-like being credited with creation of the world, each individual aspect of Rhune has a singular rhune. Religions, cults, temples, and priests align themselves with specific rhunes, worshiping them as deities in their own right.

In Altar Quest, the rhunes impact the world through the mysterious altars that have suddenly invaded the world above. This is represented in the game by the altar dice in the altar pool. Each altar die in the altar pool is six-sided; one side for each of the rhunes. These dice are used by heroes to trigger powerful abilities, but also by villains, threats, and lurkers for devious purposes! When any game element would trigger an effect tied to a rhune, that rhune must be showing on one of the altar dice in the altar pool, otherwise the effect cannot trigger. Then, the used altar die is rolled to create a new rhune to add back to the altar pool. The various altars in the game will also manipulate the altar pool in different ways, creating unique strategies depending on the altar used in each game session.



The fluctuating nature of the altar pool gives players an additional level of strategy when planning for both their own turns ... and the enemy's!


11 days until #AltarQuest comes to #Kickstarter! Mark your calendars for May 28th, and get ready for adventure!

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