Altar Quest - Feral Mothers

May 13, 2019


The Thralls are vampires that worship the old ways and blame all non-vampiric people for the fall of Louric Morn—which heralded the end of the vampire reign in Aridika. Now the Thralls seek to re-establish their dynasty in Aridika through blood and terror, just like they had in their ancestral home of Chalyss. While vampires can walk in sunlight in Aridika, they have chosen to remain in shadow and night, biding their time and swelling their ranks. 



The feral mothers are responsible for creating new vampires out of those they deem worthy. Whether these new vampires are willing or not, they become Thralls through the grace of the feral mothers...if they survive the process... 


Keep following us right here for more #AltarQuest previews as we prepare for its #Kickstarter launch on May 28, and get ready for an incredible adventure!

Altar Quest is a cooperative game of fantasy adventure for 1–4 players. Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, Altar Quest draws upon the success of their Modular Deck System (introduced in Street Masters and Brook City) and is based in their all-original setting inspired by high fantasy and Gothic horror.

#fantasy #adventure #dungeoncrawl #gothichorror#boardgames #tabletopgames

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