Altar Quest - Villain Cards

May 10, 2019


Each villain in Altar Quest has their own villain deck. Villain decks are separate from threat decks, but they both serve the purpose of attempting to thwart the heroes' quest. Each villain deck is comprised of a double-sided villain card and several event cards. The double-sided villain card begins the quest Scheme side up, representing the villian carrying out their nefarious plans in the shadows while their minions keep the heroes busy. The scheme card typically contains an Activate effect and a rhune effect that are both resolved during the villain turn.





During the villain turn, the heroes must draw a card from the villain deck to see what nasty event is in store for them. If the heroes cannot draw a villain card during the villain turn because there are no cards left in the deck, the villain card is flipped revealing the villain side and the villain spawns! Villains are much deadlier than the normal threats heroes face during the quest, so heroes must be wary of how long they linger or they will face the wrath of the villain.





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