Blacklist Games Announces Altar Quest

May 8, 2019

“A new cooperative board game of fantasy adventure for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.”


Los Angeles, CA – May 5, 2019. The ruined lands of Aridika have a dark past; cursed by the Doomchild who bound herself beneath the soil to plunge the world above into an age plagued by demons and undead. Her dark curse empowered the fiends that hid from civilization, drawing them out to claim dominance over the races they deemed weaker. The Doomchild's power manifested into powerful stones, called altars, that burst forth from the earth to empower her servants. Now, true heroes must arise to cleanse these altars, and remove the stain of corruption before the Doomchild awakens...


Blacklist Games proudly announces Altar Quest, a cooperative game of fantasy adventure for 1–4 players. Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler (Heroes of Terrinoth, Street Masters, Brook City), Altar Quest draws upon the success of their Modular Deck System (introduced in Street Masters) and is based in their all-original setting inspired by high fantasy and Gothic horror. Featuring standalone quests, campaign play, and highly modular gameplay, Altar Quest puts players in the roles of powerful heroes seeking to drive the forces of darkness away from the altars that corrupt the world.


Gameplay focuses on a game board depicting the darkest dungeons of the lands of Aridika. Players must use their chosen hero's unique deck to explore the mysterious rooms as they attempt to complete their chosen quest. As they open every door, the dungeon comes to life with feature miniatures depicting the scenery found in newly revealed chambers and enemy miniatures representing the lurking threats that oppose them. Of course, adventurers will also learn more about the world around them by discovering ancient secrets and artifacts, and meeting a variety of characters that can either help or hurt them in their quest!


Altar Quest is a board game for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older, and has a play time of approximately 45-120 minutes. It includes 72 highly detailed miniatures; 4 unique Hero decks; 3 unique Villain decks; 3 unique Threat decks; 6 unique Quest decks; 5 custom Hero dice; 5 custom Altar dice; countless tokens and a large, detailed fold-out map board depicting the dungeons of Aridika!


Altar Quest is expected to launch its Kickstarter Campaign on May 28, 2019, at 10:30pm PDT and will offer great price points and exclusives for backers and retailers worldwide, as well as exclusive content in the form of unlockable stretch goals and an exclusive Isaac Childres guest-designed expansion, which features 1 new hero deck, along with its 2 corresponding hero miniatures, and 1 new threat deck, along with its 15 corresponding miniatures and 3 lurker cards.


For more information about the Kickstarter, you can visit:


You can also download Press Assets here:


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