Altar Quest - Myreen

May 6, 2019


Myreen was a mere servant in a minor house before the vampires came and ruled over the lands of Aridika. The Morns fed and turned as they pleased, and Myreen was one of their victims, becoming one of the monsters that she’d feared. However, when the Morn bloodline fell, she chose to be an enemy of the Thralls, standing against them and their ilk.




Myreen is the toughest hero in the Altar Quest base game. Not only does she have an impressive health value of 14, she is also capable of consistently gaining armor tokens, which are used by heroes and enemies to cancel damage that they would normally suffer during attacks. While she is able to withstand a beating, Myreen is prepared to dish out punishment as well. For example, her Spiked Shield equipment card allows her to discard 1 of her armor tokens to deal damage to an enemy within range.


From charging into battle to attacking each enemy engaged with her in a deadly sweep, Myreen has several hero cards she can utilize to give her the edge in combat.




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