Altar Quest - Quest Card Preview

May 4, 2019


In Altar Quest, heroes embark on a variety of adventures that are created by combining Threat decks, Villain decks, and Quest decks. While most decks present the heroes with dangerous opposition, Quest decks provide an overall objective for the heroes as well as a narrative framework.


The "Quest Setup" quest card (shown here) instructs players how to set up the chosen quest and includes special rules for that quest on its flip side.




The rest of the Quest deck represents what heroes will find in the various rooms they explore, such as the "Vaulted Room" quest card (shown here) where heroes can find one of the altar stones they are looking for in "The Cleansing" quest.


A quest card usually contains narrative text to set the scene, and often features a When Revealed effect that resolves immediately after drawing it. It might also contain an Activate effect that is resolved during the quest turn.




Quest decks function in countless different ways in Altar Quest, and each game will play out differently depending on how you use them and which other decks they are combined with!


Altar Quest hits #Kickstarter May 28! Don't miss the campaign and all the loot that comes with it!

Catch up on all the Altar Quest previews so far in the mean time!


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