Brook City - Update 37

April 30, 2019


Welcome Officers! As we finish another couple of weeks of fulfillment, here are some updates as of last Friday. 


VFI Asia said that they are trying to get things going for us but their backlog has had issues that keep pushing us out. They said that ours is still their priority (before any new projects), but they have to knock out what they were working on before they can push forward for us. But at the very least, they gave us a hard date that they will finish shipping sooner than May 10th. I sent them an email to ask them if that meant backers receiving packages in Asia or labels being created and they assured me that it means the packages will have left their facilities before then.

As for Blackbox, our representative has told us that they were working on it, that it was being done, that last week we'd see things happening. Nothing. Finally after several assertive calls and emails by us, they are getting their priorities back on track. We are getting our hard ETA tomorrow so I will be able to post it in the comment thread of this Kickstarter once we know.


Rest assured, we've been very diligent with whatever we can provide or do to speed up the process with these fulfillment companies. We understand that from the outside, it looks like there's a priority over a certain region over another or if the factory is in China, why is it so difficult for Asia to receive their products first? Fulfillment is not our specialty, which is why we look to and trust professionals who have us believe that everything will run smoothly. Unfortunately, once it's in their hands all we can do is wait and pester them over and over again until something happens. We don't choose low-quality fulfillment partners or tell them to give sub-par service to save money, that would be counter-productive where nobody wins. But what we are doing, is learning from this to make each campaign experience better for you. We are taking notes and being proactive to look for all options out there, for the shipping and packing process, exploring new solutions until the best one is found. Maybe the next fulfillment company we use will only be slightly better or maybe it'll be the best one out there. Either way, once we find it you can be sure that's the one we intend to keep on using. 


The Delta Keys


It's been really exciting having seen some photos and heard memorable BCPD stories out there. Hearing some of the epic, last minute wins or near-brutal losses and laughs makes Brook City come to life even more. Meanwhile, we've had several requests for Adam and Brady to play through a Delta Keys case, specifically utilizing the board that comes with its expansion. So for those who missed the live stream, you can rewatch it here!




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