Altar Quest - Equipment

April 24, 2019


In Altar Quest, equipment cards represent weapons, armor, and trinkets heroes use to survive the horrors lurking in the deep dungeons of Aridika. Each hero deck has 1 or more unique equipment cards that are placed in a hero's play area at the start of the game, providing them with helpful actions and exhaust effects. 



For example, Rowen's Burry Knife card allows him to use 1 of his 3 actions during his act phase to perform an attack test, targeting an enemy within range (which, in the case of Burry Knife, is 1). Rowen's might is 2, so he would roll 2 hero dice during this attack test. 


Equipment cards can also have rhune effects, which provide additional benefits if the appropriate rhune is available in the altar pool. If there is a "shadow" rhune available in the altar pool, Rowen can exhaust the Burry Knife to deal 1 damage to an enemy within range. 




While heroes all have their own equipment cards in their hero deck (such as Sedrin having the Star of Aluna), they can also acquire new equipment cards throughout the course of a campaign. We will discuss campaign play in more detail in a future preview!




Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, Altar Quest draws upon the success of their Modular Deck System (introduced in Street Masters and Brook City) and is based in their all-original setting inspired by high fantasy and Gothic horror.


Featuring standalone quests, campaign play, and highly modular gameplay, #AltarQuest puts players in the roles of powerful heroes seeking to drive the forces of darkness away from the "altars" that corrupt the world.


Stay tuned as we near the reveal of the #Kickstarter campaign date!


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