Aftershock Kickstarter Update #39

April 17, 2019


Global Gladiators, time for the April update!

Pledge Manager Closed


The pledge manager is now officially closed. Thanks to all of you who completed it in time. If you have any concerns regarding your existing order, please email our brand new, dedicated email address and we'll take a look for you.

If you did not complete your pledge manager prior to its closing, please contact us at the same email address to let us know.


Of course, should you require an address change prior to the games shipping, you can let us know at the same address as well until we make an update to advise that addressed are being locked.


3D Test Prints

Citadel agents have been busy hunting for any information relating to The Kingdom's nefarious activities, and in the process have come across some very interesting photographs! 


They indicate that the Street Masters factory is currently producing low-res 3D mini prints to test sculpt integrity before creating detailed red wax minis for casting/molding tests. With you all being part of the Global Gladiators initiative, we think it's important you set your eyes on this new intel!







Again, these are not representative of the final minis' quality; they are simply low-res, 3D prints for testing sculpt integrity. The moment we get photos of the detailed red wax minis, we'll share those!


Renegade Reptiles Renders


You've been asking for them, so here they are: Crunk, Wicked, Grill and Glam ... otherwise known as the Renegade Reptiles! With them as always is their sensei, the formidable feline known as Master Pie!


But, watch out dudes and dudettes! Just when you thought it was safe to head back into the sewer ... it's their arch-nemesis, the trashy titan himself: Recyclord!








The situation might look grim for the Renegade Reptiles with ol' garbagehead around ... but these minis are looking totally tubular!


That's it for this month, Global Gladiators!


Until next month ...


Keep fighting!




Oh and what's this? Looks like someone got a haircut!




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