Brook City Update #35 - The Package Is Secure

March 21, 2019


Welcome Officers, after holding ground from the Syndicate these past months, backup is finally here! After some delays from the weather on the sea, we've gotten the final schedule for hubs receiving all of our inventory:

  •  US HUB: Arrived at the docks on 2/25 and received at our hub in Indiana on 3/11.

  •  AUSTRALIA HUB: Arrived at the docks on 3/1 and received at our hub in Sydney on 3/14.

  •  UK HUB: Arrived at the docks on 3/16 and are to be received at our hub in Felixstown on 3/22.

  •  CANADA HUB: Arrives at the docks on 3/22 and are to be received at our hub in Toronto on 3/31.

  •  ASIA HUB: Scheduled to be freighted to our hub in Shanghai on 3/29.

Of course we didn't go unscathed as there was an incident at the docks which an actual crime led to a couple of our cartons to be stolen among other publisher/company's items that shared the freight container. Fortunately, it was only 20 game mats and 50 Cops and Robbers minis packs that went missing. Due to the uniqueness of the situation, our factory had agreed to produce more of those items and air-ship them to our US warehouse so we'll be able to complete any orders that would be missing those items. Not to worry, the factory is rushing it to us and we should have everything in shortly to complete those orders. Meanwhile our FINAL backer lists have been sent to our fulfillment company and they're set to begin fulfillment after processing the lists into their system! Meaning, you'll be playing your first game of Brook City and busting crime before you know it.


Brook City Playthrough


For those of you who missed the Facebook Live Stream with Adam and Brady Sadler, check out the video archive of it while they take the streets to stop a runaway bus in Velocity, while also trying to bring down Leeta before she takes out the city. As well, there are some Q&A that'll get you pumped while you wait!




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