Altar Quest - Meet the Frox

February 26, 2019



Hailing from the swamp isle of Greyst, the various frox clans have a long history of infighting. These frog-like creatures are bred into violence and seek only to wreck and ruin. They are not a completely unintelligent people, but their development is severely hindered by their inability to understand such concepts as compassion and empathy. They are advanced enough to have organized religion, but their faith revolves around appeasing their “Sludge Lord,” whose will is completely foreign and unintelligible to anyone but his mad priests. War is everything in frox society; however, “war” to the frox could be anything from a full scale assault on a rival clan, to a mere hunting expedition or village raid, where they typically only go after livestock. When the frox march to war, they are generally led by an elder belcher—a particularly large frox capable of spewing rancid artillery—and their warbands usually consist of bogmancers, hit-and-run muckslingers, and ruthless raiders.

In Altar Quest, enemies are represented by three distinct decks. Threat decks contain minions from a particular type of enemy (such as the frox). Villain decks are focused around a single iconic and dangerous enemy that can lead a threat deck of their enemy type, or can be mixed with any other threat deck. Finally, random enemies appear from the lurker deck, that contains 1 of each type of enemy figure in your collection.


The frox are a particularly dangerous threat, since they can poison the heroes and ruin their supplies, which is an interesting concept in Altar Quest. The heroes have a shared pool of supplies that represents everything from their food, survival gear, and any odds and ends that are needed to survive the harsh underground of Aridika. While heroes can gain supplies by searching, they will need to manage their pool because some hero abilities require supplies to trigger and some enemies can do significant damage to under-supplied parties... 



Altar Quest is a cooperative game of fantasy adventure for 1–4 players. Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, Altar Quest draws upon the success of their Modular Deck System (introduced in Street Masters and Brook City) and is based in their all-original setting inspired by high fantasy and Gothic horror. Featuring standalone quests, campaign play, and highly modular gameplay, Altar Quest puts players into the roles of powerful heroes seeking to drive the forces of darkness away from the "altars" that corrupt the world.


Stay tuned to learn more as we prepare to bring #AltarQuest to #Kickstarter later this year!


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