Brook City Update #34: Precious Cargo

February 21, 2019

Welcome Officers!


Just a quick update here to to let you know that the boats are still chugging along but because of some bad weather, our schedule for each hub receiving their products are still pending. We have been at the edge of our seats waiting for updated news from our fulfillment company, who have said we'll know within a week the approximate time we should expect everything. Once we receive the new schedule, we'll make sure you get the news right away. From our guess, boats will hit their hubs at different days, but some of the early ones could be there at the end of this month, while the rest might reach ports at the end of the first week or mid of the second week next month. That's our best guess until we get the info from our fulfillment company.


We Make the Rules


Ok technically, Adam and Brady made them. But since we're waiting for the boats to arrive, what better way to be prepared to go up against The Syndicate than to review the rules of Brook City! 


Download the Rulebook Here!


And for those who want a quick overview to sate the urge to go out and bust some perps, here's a highlight video to refresh you on what to expect with Brook City.




Training Day

Wanna see Brook City in action? Join Adam and Brady Sadler tomorrow (Feb 21st) at 12PM EST as they play through the Velocity expansion for Brook City, live on our YouTube channel!




They will also discuss our other projects and answer any questions you may have about Blacklist Games. 


Looking forward to see you there!

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