Street Masters Aftershock Update: Late Pledges Available!

February 13, 2019


Global Gladiators, the time is now! The pledge manager has arrived!


Pledge Manager Now Open/Late Pledges Available


If you're a backer, check your inbox for an invite to your pledge manager! If you were late to the Kickstarter and want to get in on the amazing deal available, you can late pledge via this link:

Add-Ons Recaps

For those of you who want more detail with regards to what the add-ons are, don't forget the updates we featured during the campaign that were chock-full of great details:



Sneak Peek at the Street Masters Compendium

Many of you have asked for new details on the compendium, and we're all too pleased to offer an updated look at the coolest book you'll have in your collection.


This baby is going to rock out at approximately 160 pages (!!), and will be the pièce de résistance of both your game collection and book shelf! As always, while the following previews are very close to the final product, keep in mind we are still editing text, imagery and layout to make it the best it can be, so things are therefore subject to change.




The gorgeous hardcover is going to sport a minimalist, matte black cover that is reminiscent of your favorite video game collectors' guides, using spot UV on both the beautiful front cover art and the jet black Street Masters logo on the rear cover, allowing both to pop and stand out! 


Inside the opening pages, you'll have an introduction to the world of street brawling action that is Street Masters, as well as forewords from the designers themselves, Adam and Brady Sadler! A perfect spot for autographs if you ever meet them at conventions!



You wanted to know more abut the world of Street Masters? Well, this is your chance to dive deeper into its lore than ever before.


Every fighter will have a two-page spread, splashed with their assigned deck color and containing not only gorgeous art pieces in their full uncut glory (you've only seen this art on game cards, and those illustrations are cropped), but their backgrounds and origin stories as well! Learn exciting details that have not been revealed before, helping you to more fully appreciate their in-game stories! You'll also discover their nationalities, as well as which skills and techniques they bring to the fight!


Of course, handy gameplay references like which expansion they can be found in, their complexity rating, and tips straight from the Sadlers on what to expect when embodying these fighters are also included. 


Oh, did we mention that their full character art will be on display, from head to toe (many for the first time!), to help all our painters out there? 



Now, we can't let the good guys hog the spotlight, can we? Sometimes, you need to let the bad boys (and girls) come out to play! 


Each enemy faction will also get a two-page spread, full of amazing lore detailing the origins of its boss, their minions, and how the faction came to be. These backstories will reveal some interesting connections, and definitely help flesh out the various details found in their respective Showdown and Fighter decks! Just like we did for the fighters, these spreads will also showcase the nationalities and skills of each faction member, and come with full character art pieces (again, many shown in their entirety for the first time) to help you wield a paintbrush with confidence! 


Don't forget the must-have gameplay elements like complexity ratings and expansion icons, as well as even more in-depth tips straight from the designers to help you counter every single character in the faction!




Stages will also get lots of love! Not only will we provide context surrounding the theme of each and every battleground from the game, but we will showcase large swaths of the incredible art behind them! Perfect for helping newcomers select a stage that "speaks to them" for an upcoming game session, or to get a great appreciation for how diverse the settings are.


The deluge of Street Masters goodness doesn't stop there, though. There will also be spreads for Allies and Rivals, as well as a 15-page art gallery to showcase tons of additional art that isn't showcased already elsewhere in the book! We'll take a peek at those in a future update.


Oh and of course, every page of existing Street Masters rules will be included in the hardcover as well, so you can look extra sophisticated when looking something up mid-game!


The Street Masters Compendium is Kickstarter exclusive, meaning this collector's item will only be printed in limited quantities, so don't miss out!


That's it for now, folks! We'll be back with our regularly scheduled updates soon. Until then ...

Keep fighting!

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