Brook City Update #33: The Yolanda Sets Sail!

February 6, 2019


Welcome Officers and Happy Lunar New Year! With our pallets in the factory and the window for making it on the boat closing quickly, even The Syndicate stopped chase to let the freight trucks do their thing. 

Brook City Palletized, Loaded onto Freight, and at the Docks for boarding!


And with that, all of our inventory officially made it to the docks and onto the boats during the last round of shipping before the Chinese New Year holidays. Although production was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the hardest part is now, where we wait for the boats to chug towards the 5 different hubs (US, CA, AU, UK, and Asia). We're waiting for the official docking schedule as to when they should arrive at the hubs and when they will be processed and freighted to the warehouses. Once we know we'll update you so you can start polishing those badges and turning on the sirens.



Pledge Manager is Officially Closed

The Brook City pledge manager is officially closed. If you haven't completed your pledge manager you will, as detailed in the past, unfortunately experience a delay in receiving your game, having to wait until after all backers receive their games. At that time, those who were late to finalize their pledges will be shipped their games from our US warehouse, paying for regular shipping rates from Indianapolis, Indiana rather than a specific hub. Regarding refunds, on December 1st, 2018 we had already stopped accepting them due to the factory already finalizing mass production and quantities were already established for shipping. We tried to provide as much time as we could and appreciate those who reached out to us with questions during that time.

Going out on Patrol

While we wait, Adam and Brady will be hitting the streets of Brook City with a few upcoming videos, giving you a closer look at basic gameplay setup and play-throughs. We promise not to spoil too much, but at the very least you can get your Training Day on with our live-action Axel and Rhys. 

With the games on their way it looks like you'll finally be able to start investigating The Syndicate first-hand very soon!

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