Street Masters Replacements - Status

January 11, 2019


Global Gladiators, we wish to update you on the current status of the outstanding replacements requests currently listed in our QA queue. 

As you might be aware, our initial print run of Street Masters was quite small, with only enough units produced to fulfill backer pledges/miscellaneous sales, and a reserve for replacement parts. At this point in time, we've run out of our original shelf stock, as well as items in the replacement reserve. While we had been hopeful to keep up with replacement requests using said reserve, as well as holding back some sale stock to aid in the resolution of some replacement requests, we underestimated the demand for certain items vs others, and with our stock being uneven between SKUs, certain items could only be replaced a finite amount of times before we ran out. We had been able to work something out with our manufacturing partner to produce replacement quantities piecemeal, but while they were able to accommodate at first (which is why replacements had been shipping out very slowly), we have now been told with the arrival of the new year that it is no longer an option. As we are a small and growing company, they can no longer dedicate the required resources to us unless we produce large quantities, such as our Aftershock reprint.

Therefore, we currently have no choice but to wait until later this year when the Aftershock stock comes in to fulfill currently outstanding replacement requests.

We know this is not ideal and is undoubtedly frustrating, and apologize for this unforeseen delay and any inconveniences it may cause. We know some of you have been waiting for a while due to the limits of our small stock, but we hope you can understand that this is the reality of us being a growing company with a smaller staff and budget. This was our first big Kickstarter, and we've since learned many lessons in order to ensure this will not happen with subsequent projects such as Brook City and Aftershock.

If you are in our QA queue and have yet to receive your replacements, rest assured: it will be a few months, but your name will not leave our QA tracker and you will not lose your spot in the queue. When we receive Aftershock print stock, we will begin fulfilling outstanding replacement requests in the same order they were received, contacting you in the process. 

Again, our sincerest apologies to everyone who has been waiting on replacements and for the expectations that were set when we had different information with regards to our replacement capabilities. We want nothing but your satisfaction and our small team is working tirelessly to make it happen. We thank each and everyone our our loyal customers for their dedication and support, and promise we will take all we have learned from our first Kickstarter to better your customer service experience with us going forward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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