Brook City Update - Permission to Board?

January 12, 2019


Welcome Officers and Happy New Year! Looks like while the citizens of Brook City were celebrating the holidays, Clara Murphy ensured that our city's finest were on the job and busy getting the job done. But what does that actually mean?

On December 17th, 2018 our factory completed all manufacture production. They then sent one assembly line copy to Adam/Brady and one to us here at Blacklist Games, which we received the day before Christmas! I have to tell you, the miniatures look beautiful, the game board is amazing, and the art, all the art.... You're going to have a lot of fun digging into your boxes and busting some perps as soon as you get them.

Want to get the full report? Adam and Brady did a quick unboxing just for you via live stream, but we also uploaded it to YouTube here:


When will the games come in?

Currently we are waiting for our rep to schedule our boat to take our games to the hubs. Our games are already palletized and in the factory waiting for pickup. Because we had initially scheduled our pickup the second week of December and production finalization was a week late than we were told, the holidays pushed us into the January pickup queue, meaning we're just waiting for the first available slot. 

Once on the boat, there's an estimated 30 days to reach each of the hubs (note, China is a different case since it will be freighted out to our Asia hub via land, then shipped out using a different facility for fulfillment after the bulk of our games are on the boat). After the boat arrives at the port, each hub will unload and freight the games to their warehouse, sort, then start building the boxes out for shipping. Estimated time will be about a week for freighting and sorting.

For most countries, backers will receive tracking numbers (some countries don't allow it for some reason) via e-mail so you'll know when to be checking your doors for your games.

This is really good news! Our original expected fulfillment date has been May 2019, but it looks like pushing the factory hard has paid off as you are going to be getting them sooner!


What can I do to whet my appetite until then?


Because Adam and Brady couldn't wait to start playing the final product, they live-streamed their last game session and we've uploaded it to YouTube for you. Check it out!



Brook City featured in the Promo Paradise Kickstarter


Looking for even more ways of spicing up your Brook City gameplay? Well, we’ve recently gotten word of new power couple pulling strings around town…


We’re happy to announce that a brand-new, exclusive Rival/Ally card for Brook City will be made available during the Promo Paradise Kickstarter campaign, launching January 8 at 10 am CST!


Promo Paradise is a great project brought to you by two great board game communities: The Board Game Spotlight and Board Game Exposure. By backing their Kickstarter, you not only get tons of great, rare promos, but also support all the great content they bring to the board gaming world! We really think they bring positivity to the industry, so check them out! 


Pledge Manager - VERY IMPORTANT!!!


Have you moved or haven't yet completed your pledge manager? Now is the time to do it. Because we want to ensure that everyone receives their games once fulfillment begins, please make sure that your address is up to date and your pledge manager account is closed out and finalized. This is extremely important as after we lock out the pledge manager completely, all addresses we have on file are final and cannot be changed later. Of course, while this is going on you have this last chance to add anything you missed to your order. Rest assured, this will not delay shipping as everything has been printed and palletized and any items added are from existing inventory. We will be closing out the Brook City pledge manager officially on January 31st. 


More to come!


While we all wait patiently for the boats to come and games to bee fulfilled, we'll keep you up to date immediately as we hear something new. In the meantime, we'll also hit the table with a few more playthroughs that highlight other aspects of Brook City. So polish your badges and get ready since the Syndicate isn't going down without a fight!

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