Brook City Update - All Attendance at the BCPD

November 20, 2018


Welcome Officers, today is a quick debriefing but a useful one. There's been continuous activity reported from the factory as VAC trays are almost complete and will soon join all the dice, assembled boxes, cards, and tokens that have already been logged in as completed. We heard rumors that miniatures mass production has been running smoothly, and are fortunate that Moira was able to snap some shots from her Bradville.


Since the stakeout was at night, poor lighting and amateur camera work just didn't do these miniatures justice. To tell you about them: these were the first injection plastic miniatures using our final molds, and with the correct plastic and at the correct temperature. The process replicated mass production and was to have us get a feel for the details, weight, and to catch any minor problems that they could still carve into the molds. The turnout is excellent as the plastic is hard and even the most minute details retained well. WinGo has told us that even so, the mass production ones will be matte finish (to make them more painter- friendly) and slightly better than the ones in these photos. Note: some minis you see above are leaning and have been addressed with WinGo already.


We did catch a few things and thus some are missing from this lineup. Upon receiving these in the mail yesterday, the factory has already gotten our approvals on the revised minis and everything is continuing to go as expected. WinGo has done a great job supporting us and our constant requests for tweaking things for improvement.


So what's the timeline? Per WinGo, we are still on track to be finished with production this month, allowing for final assembly and packing to be complete by the beginning of December. This means things will be on the boat in December and will arrive for sorting and fulfillment in January if there are no holiday hitches to overcome. This will put us close to 5-6 months ahead of time of our estimated fulfillment date! We'll continue to keep you informed as things progress.


Is the Brook City Pledge Manager Open?

By popular demand, for those who missed the campaign, for those who want to add any items to their order, or for those who haven't completed your shipping information to close out your Pledge Manager account, we have officially re-opened the Brook City Pledge Manager for the winter holidays. This will absolutely close on Dec. 31 at 11:59 PM PST. And yes, any orders that are placed in the pledge manager until then will be shipped out the same time as normal fulfillment for backers. Click here to late pledge!





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