Blacklist Games Announces Street Masters Aftershock

October 1, 2018


“An expansion to the critically-acclaimed Street Masters, the fully-cooperative miniatures board game of street brawling action for 1-4 players designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.”

Austin, TX – October 1, 2018. Ransom City is no more. A missile strike has wiped out half the city, and the survivors have been exposed to a mysterious mutagen. Since then, strange mutated creatures have crawled out of the shadows, and what can only be described as monsters straight out of horror movies have begun to run rampant. Now, it is time for the survivors to fight!


Blacklist Games proudly announces Aftershock, an expansion to Street Masters, the critically-acclaimed cooperative miniatures board game of street brawling action for 1-4 players. Designed by veteran game designers Adam and Brady Sadler (Brook City, Heroes of Terrinoth, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game), and heavily influenced by classic “beat ‘em up” arcade games, Aftershock introduces all-new fighters, enemy factions, stages, and other modular elements to the fan-favorite game that has been lauded since its debut in 2017.


Aftershock utilizes the Sadlers’ "Modular Deck System (MDS)," which focuses on quick setup and elegant, card-driven gameplay while allowing players to mix and match fixed decks for unparalleled customization and replayability. Gameplay focuses on close-quarters brawls in a variety of environments, ranging from a nuclear reactor to a toxic swamp, where players must use their chosen fighter’s unique card deck and a set of custom action dice to prevent the boss and his minions from achieving their nefarious goals.


Expanding on the modular nature of Streets Masters, Aftershock includes two new ways to further customize players’ experiences. Mission cards allow fighters to gain mission tokens that will assist their teammates in powerful ways. Showdown Decks introduce Enemy Upgrade Cards and unique stories that can be paired with associated Enemy Decks, adding a relentless villain to the narrative in Story Mode, or allowing for further gameplay customization in Arcade Mode.


Street Masters: Aftershock includes 33 highly detailed miniatures; 4 New Fighters with their own unique Fighter and Hero Story Decks; 2 New Double-sided Map Tiles with 4 New Stage Decks; 2 New Enemy Factions with unique Enemy and Showdown Decks; 20 Mission Cards; an Aftershock Story Deck; and a Limited Edition Collector’s Box with removable trays and plastic dividers that strategically houses all existing Street Masters cards, map tiles and tokens, with room to spare.


Street Masters: Aftershock is expected to launch its Kickstarter Campaign on October 23, 2018, at 1:30pm EDT and will offer backers and retailers worldwide great price points, as well as exclusive content in the form of unlockable stretch goals and the exclusive Essence of Evil expansion, which features 20 highly detailed miniatures; 1 New Story Deck; 1 New Fighter and both his Fighter and Hero Story Decks; 1 New Double-Sided Map Tile and its 2 Stage Decks; and 1 New Enemy Faction and its Enemy Deck.


For more information about the expansion and its Kickstarter campaign, you can visit:


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