A New Aftershock Fighter Steps Forth!

September 28, 2018


We're proud to unveil yet another of the many new fighters to feature in the upcoming Street Masters Aftershock: Vada!


There were once two Vadas. One was a happy girl from India that got to travel the world on expensive planes. The other screamed at the top of her lungs from deep within darkened labs. Vada has never really been sure which of these girls she was, if either ... but she does know that one of them died in agony so the other could live. It was a price she never wanted paid, and she has since felt a need to avenge the part of her that ceased to be.

It wasn’t until Vada turned 16 that her abilities truly emerged: telekinesis, as well as a form of telepathy that gave her influence over others. Shortly afterwards, a woman named Jackal appeared, calling Vada “daughter” and promising to teach her to control her "gifts". Unfortunately for Jackal, Vada proved to be stronger than anticipated, and read her mind with ease. Visions of Jackal standing in the labs that haunted her memories confirmed to Vada that this was the person in her nightmares; the twisted mother that made her. With the truth revealed, they battled, each mentally wrestling the other with their awesome powers. Neither won, and Jackal escaped with her life ... and Vada's answers.

Vada spent years searching afterwards, but with The Kingdom’s influence behind her, Jackal remained well-hidden ... until now. There are rumors of strange occurrences within the ruins of Ransom City, and many bear signs that her dear mother is responsible...

Vada harnesses powerful psychokinetic powers, giving her the ability to move objects with only her mind. She is a strong support fighter, using her talents to move herself or other fighters around the environment. She is also adept at disrupting enemy defenses, able to create just the right opening at the right time for a fighter to strike the most vulnerable spot. With her control of the environment, and those within, Vada is a warrior you want to bring along to any fight.

Stay tuned for more reveals, fighters!


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