Another New Street Masters Aftershock Fighter Revealed!

September 20, 2018


We're proud to unveil yet another of the many new fighters to feature in the upcoming Street Masters Aftershock: Ronny James!



Ronny was raised by Ransom City’s own heavyweight champion, Douglas “Dukes” James, who reluctantly trained his daughter from a young age to be a fighter after losing his wife to a mysterious illness; he knew no other way to prepare his little girl for the rough streets of Ransom. Ronny was grateful to her father, as her training earned her a reputation on the streets and kept her away from the criminal element that swallowed up so many others her age.

Unfortunately, their time together was short-lived as tragedy struck the night her father faced up-and-comer Marky Blanchard in a high-stakes bout. Ronny, then just 14 years old, had a ringside view of her father being beaten to death as his opponent laid into him with what can only be described as an animalistic fury. She will never forget how he continually pummeled her father’s lifeless body ... and how his eyes burned with an unnatural, sickening green color as he did it.

After the funeral, Ronny learned that Blanchard had died soon after the fight as well, which prompted her to investigate the match. Everything she found pointed to Parasol Pharmaceuticals being responsible for everything. Years passed, and Ronny went pro in hopes of finding proof, of facing a foe with glowing green eyes like Blanchard’s ... but the missile hit Ransom City before that could happen. Fortunately, Ronny’s father taught her to keep fighting no matter what ... so not even the end of the world will stop her from getting answers.

Having grown up on the mean streets of Ransom, Ronny has adopted street boxing as her style of choice. Players will find that her father’s legacy as an underdog has influenced her approach to fighting, allowing them to thrive when foes have the advantage (such as having more defense tokens). Her powerful punches can also completely stagger minions, making her great at setting up attacks for allies.


Stay tuned for more Aftershock reveals (premiering on our Instagram account, as always!), and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don't miss the Kickstarter campaign on October 23!


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