A Closer Look at Two Brook City Expansions!

September 18, 2018


Welcome Officers! Today we’re going to be a taking a closer look at two of the expansions for Brook City! Hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision when late pledging for Brook City via the pledge manager!



First, let’s take a deep dive into The Sixth Cycle, as it’s been the expansion most of you have wanted to see covered in-depth! 

The Sixth Cycle is guest-designed by Steven Avery and Eugene Bryant, and offers players two of the most challenging decks in the entire Brook City catalogue! Therefore, this expansion isn’t for the faint of heart! It’s going to take every ounce of courage and skill you’ve got, as well as a healthy dose of proper teamwork, to conquer its challenges. Luckily, this expansion also comes with one of the BCPD’s best detectives, so you’ve always got an ace up your sleeve if you want to use it!  



Let’s talk about the included case, The Vitruvian Man. It is, without a doubt, the darkest case in the entire Brook City line. If you’re a fan of the more “disturbing” cop films out there, you’ll be right at home with this adventure, which sees you and your friends in a race against time as you try and stop a killer from carrying out his twisted scheme. I won’t say much more, because this case is actually very story-heavy and I wouldn’t want to spoil its events. However, I will say that your cops will be feeling the stress with this one, as they will not be given time to breathe!


Each case in Brook City is designed to play completely differently than any other, and The Vitruvian Man is no exception. Again, I can’t divulge too much for the sake of avoiding spoilers, but this case deck operates in a very unique way that will have cops at its mercy, rewarding those who dedicate themselves to hunting down its clues … and punishing those who aren’t fully involved. If you’re looking for a case that will keep you on your toes and catch you off-guard, you will not want to miss The Sixth Cycle!  



Mercy is the leader of a cult and, along with her mask-wearing followers, offers one of Brook City’s most challenging decks. Just like the case included in this expansion, playing against her is a race against time! Mercy’s suspect deck sees her kidnapping citizens at a steady pace, and the cops only have a few precious turns before she sacrifices them to, well, whichever being it is she worships. This means you and your squad will have to hurry across town to try and save these poor souls as quickly as possible. 

Encountering Mercy might buy you some time, but that’s assuming you can get to her. You see, she’s a puppet master that likes hiding in the shadows, so every time you find her, she’s going to scurry away and start wreaking havoc from somewhere else in the city! You’ll have to plan carefully if you want to take her down. Unfortunately, while you’re chasing her around the streets, her followers will be out in full force and their crimes are not only going to distract you, they are going to accelerate Mercy’s plans by steadily feeding her influence (which suspects need to win the game). So, you’ll have to make important decisions every turn: find Mercy, or stop her followers?  


Of course, during your investigation, you’ll also undoubtedly discover leads on where some victims are being held, and you’ll be faced with even more choices: hunt down the cult, or save a hapless individual they kidnapped from a cruel fate? Don’t be too hasty, though! While saving one person might seem like a good thing, such a decision might give the cult the time it needs to carry out its plans … resulting in multiple other victims meeting their ends! So, will you save one at the cost of many … or save many at the cost of one?

Oh, and remember: throughout all this, you’ll also have a case to solve! Therefore, between stopping Mercy, her cultists, saving victims and gathering the evidence you need to close the case you’ve been assigned, you’re going to be spread thin. Every decision will be a crucial one for you and your team. Don’t make a mistake, or someone will pay the ultimate price!



Earl Thompson is a detective with many years of experience under his belt, and it shows in the way he plays. He is a powerhouse when it comes to generating and using hunches (the main currency in the game); not only can he generate them more easily than most of his coworkers, he also has more ways of using them to his advantage during encounters! Yes, he can convert hunch symbols on dice rolls to successes, as per normal rules, but he can also use his signature action, “Brilliant Mind”, to use them to guarantee one success result every time! If you combine that with his “One Step Ahead” tactic, no crime can withstand his investigation skills!

While he has all sorts of impressive tricks up his sleeve, “Seeing the Pattern” is undoubtedly one of his best. It lets him encounter any crime on the board while he is next to another crime! This is absolutely huge in a game where being at the right place at the right time can be the difference between victory and crushing defeat! Sure, you need to increase the resistance of the encountered crime by 1, but with all the hunches he’s got floating around it should be a piece of cake to slap cuffs on those perps.  

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into The Sixth Cycle! As always with Brook City content, all elements of this expansion are modular and can be seamlessly inserted into any game of Brook City to further increase the possible unique gameplay combinations players can experience!





Next up, we’ll take a look at Velocity, an explosive addition to the Brook City line! Not only does it add a challenging new case that will test the mettle of any veteran cop, a suspect that will go into hiding at the most inopportune moments, and an extremely versatile cop (perfect for players who like to adjust their playstyle based on circumstances) to the mix, it also introduces a new mechanic known as Wrecks to add even more tactical depth to the game, adding new and exciting ways of customizing your game sessions!



Up until now, officers, you’ve been able to ditch your vehicles with reckless abandon without consequence. While we appreciate your “by any means necessary” attitude, the time has come to point out that such behavior comes at a cost!

Wreck cards are a new modular element that can be inserted into any game of Brook City to keep players from being certain that a road they take one moment won’t suddenly be closed the next! Whenever a cop discards a vehicle he controls (whether voluntarily or not), that vehicle is replaced by a Wreck miniature. These Wrecks can block streets (which is never good), and can also cause any cops who enter their space to suffer 1 stress! If you recall, if a cop reaches their stress threshold, all cops lose the game. Therefore, the team will need to work together to clear these Wrecks by performing Traffic Duty when need be!


Of course, not all Wrecks are caused by cops! The citizens of Brook City aren’t exactly known for their prudence, and vehicular accidents can happen throughout the city without warning! When this happens, players draw the top Wreck card and place a Wreck at the listed coordinates. 

The uncertainty of when one of these accidents will occur will keep you and your team vigilant when planning your moves! Oh, and did we mention that failing to clean up these Wrecks could result in some nasty Wreck Events happening throughout the city? Make sure to do what must be done to keep the streets safe!


They said the public transportation in Brook City was killer, but this is taking it to a whole new level! Some maniac has strapped explosives to a bus, and if that bus slows down, it’ll blow. If you like car (well, in this case, bus) chases, Velocity will have you on the edge of your seat. You and your team will have to work together with extreme efficiency in order to locate the bus and keep the streets clear while you try and figure out how to deal with the situation! The chief did mention something about a plan to get an agent onboard…

This case is special in that it centers on a single, unique vehicle miniature, the bus. Other cases generally have you going around town, searching for clues, but everything here is focused on the bus and its movement. You see, the bus will only go in a straight line, and it cannot turn without police assistance. Therefore, while you might have to deal with crimes happening throughout the city, you’ll also have to make sure someone gets back to the bus in a timely manner in order to ensure it doesn’t crash! Of course, there are other ways to aid the vehicle hidden throughout the case, but we’ll let you and your intrepid cops discover those on your own.

Oh, did we mention that the Velocity case makes use of the Wreck deck? That’s right! Not only will you have to deal with an out-of-control battering ram on wheels, you’ll also have to clean up after it! It will be leaving Wrecks in its wake, and if you don’t deal with them, you’ll cause the squad a lot of stress. You might also have to deal with the bus looping around and coming into contact with one of the accidents it caused, so stay sharp and work together to clear those streets! Nothing less than perfect coordination will save the day here!



Leeta isn’t a mad bomber, but she is a bomber nonetheless! Sure, she’s nice enough to evacuate her targets before blowing them to bits, but her actions are still illegal and dangerous, so you and your team need to stop her before the city turns to rubble! Problem is, she’s an excellent escape artist and whenever you think you’ve got her locked up, she’s gone like the wind and back to working on her anarchist agenda.


Leeta’s suspect deck revolves around the uncertainty of when she and her crew will strike next, and where. Therefore, your cops will be suffering a lot of stress not only due to her actions, but also the threat of them. You will need to not only keep crimes under control, but also your stress count. Remember, if one cop meets their stress threshold, it’s game over! There will be moments where you will even be called upon to take additional stress to protect the city, so you will need to think carefully about each step to make sure you don’t overcompensate. This will make leads that reduce stress extremely valuable!

It goes without saying that having Leeta as a suspect makes solving any case that much more difficult, as stress comes from all directions when you’re a cop in the mean stress of Brook City. Having her and her crew out there makes it that much worse!


Officer Mitchell isn’t what he seems, and that’s how he likes it! He is, without a doubt, the most versatile cop on the force, and his flexibility will offer players the chance to play the game just as well as the game plays them!


You see, Chance is able to adapt to any situation thanks to his ability to choose which approach suits the current encounter best! Every other cop in the game has actions and cards that dictate which approach will be used, meaning they have to have the right cards at the right time ... but Chance does what he likes! This means you can always choose the most efficient approach, meaning a higher chance of success. If you’re the kind of player that likes to change tactics on the fly, you’ll want this cop on your squad!

Chance is also great at using hunches to mold the game to his liking, and one of his tactics is to exhaust Crime cards before they can trigger! This is significant because, according to the game rules, during the Crime Phase of any cop’s turn, each of the crimes he’s been assigned will trigger, wreaking havoc on the city and the case … unless they are exhausted. In other words, Chance is able to help the force out by delaying crimes and preventing their nasty effects from taking place! This is absolutely crucial in many cases, so when you’re forming your squad, you might want to consider saving a spot for Mitchell!  

That does it for our look at Velocity. If you’re looking for challenges that will require precise teamwork and proper action economy, while also throwing in a dash of uncertainty and potential plan-changers (and a cop who can handle most of them), look no further than Velocity! And as always, remember: every single deck in this expansion is modular and can be seamlessly inserted into any game of Brook City to further increase the possible unique gameplay combinations players can experience.

We'll be back soon with a closer look at Delta Keys and Keys to the Kingdom!

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