Street Masters Aftershock: New Fighter Revealed!

September 12, 2018


We're proud to unveil the first of many new fighters to feature in the upcoming Street Masters Aftershock: Leeta Wix!



With a checkered past and shifting intentions, Leeta was made for survival. She almost hates to admit it, but she feels more at home in the nuclear waste of Ransom City than she ever did in normal civilization. Despite her ability to adapt to this new way of life, she is driven by good old fashioned vengeance.

Her adopted brother, with whom she survived the missile strike and scraped by in the Aftershock, poked his nose too deeply into Parasol’s activities one day and paid the ultimate price: having his head torn from his shoulders by the mysterious Parasol agent known as The Proxy. Leeta was powerless to save him, and the gruesome sight was made worse by the fact that The Proxy accomplished the task with his bare hands ... as if he were opening a stuck jar of pickles.

Needless to say, Leeta’s only drive now is to climb the corporate ladder ... and rip its head off in return.

Leeta’s survivalist fighting style is represented by her optimal use of stray loot. She specializes in equipping herself and her allies with loot cards, and uses them to her advantage. In addition to dishing out damage to her foes with her unlimited inventory, she also provides lots of stage utility by giving fighters additional interact abilities to claim objectives or prevent the enemies from achieving theirs!

Stay tuned for more Aftershock reveals (premiering on our Instagram account, as always!), and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don't miss the Kickstarter campaign on October 23!


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