GenCon 2018 Report

August 8, 2018

GenCon 2018 has come and gone, and what a ride it was! During its 4 jam-packed days, we demoed Street Masters and previewed Brook City non-stop, from opening to closing, creating new fans and friends along the way! We even got to meet many of our fellow backers, which was the highlight of the convention for us. It was great being able to put faces to many of the names we’d been interacting with in the comments section for so long! We loved being able to hang out, getting to know each and every one of you and your families! It was also heartwarming to hear how much you loved Street Masters, and how much you were looking forward to Brook City! It reminded us how great Blacklist Games’ fans truly are, and it further encouraged us to keep creating exciting new games for you. 

The Sadlers running one of the MANY demos that took place during GenCon!


 Adam, Brady and Scottie at the booth!


Of course, some of our favorite GenCon memories are from the Oni Kyoryu Unchained event! Many of you came by to try your hand at defeating the punishing new Oni Kyoryu enemy deck (featuring Kyoryu having a really bad day), and the unforgiving new Reigning in the Rain stage deck, which takes place on The Ceremony tile… during an unnaturally brutal lightning storm!


Some of our Oni Kyoru Unchained participants trying their luck!


We ran multiple events throughout the four days, and each saw a team of two fighters trying to best the hardest challenge the Sadlers had created for Street Masters to date! The players could choose any of the 6 core Global Gladiators … except Kyoryu! This led to some dilemmas for a few veterans, who had come to accept the Storm Caller as their favorite! Eventually, players made their choices and the game was on!

We saw a team comprising Gabriel and Megan jump into the ring … only to be knocked out by round 3! Another duo tried to run a Brandon/Gabriel combo, but didn’t fare much better. Another brave fighter went into it on his own, wielding Megan and her feet of fury! He made it further than most other competitors, but even he couldn’t withstand the might of a darkness-infused Kyoryu. Many others came and fell … but only one team, made up of the unlikely duo of Ying Hua and Natalia, managed to overcome this ultimate challenge and defeat Oni Kyoryu!


The only team to survive the Oni Kyoryu Unchained event!


Brady was quite sad knowing someone had defeated his ultimate challenge!


Of course, regardless of the outcome, we couldn’t let such brave attempts go unrewarded! Every participant took home a copy of the Oni Kyoryu enemy deck, and the Reigning in the Rain stage deck. Needless to say, Brady and Adam will be taking the lessons learned during the event to make these two new decks even more difficult for their official debut during the Aftershock campaign in October. Until then, keep practicing at home with your favorite fighters! You’ll need to master all their moves if you hope to defeat what’s coming!

That's it for this year's GenCon report! We truly had a blast, and look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at
GenCon 2019!

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