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May 6, 2018


Blacklist Games Announces Brook City

“1-4 player cooperative miniatures action board game designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.”


Austin, TX - May 1st, 2018. A mysterious criminal element has taken root in Brook City. Known only as "The Syndicate," this collection of ruthless murderers, clever thieves, corrupt politicians, and dirty cops has given rise to a new era of crime. The Brook City Police Department needs the best of the best to clean up the streets of this once peaceful metropolis. So here's your gun and badge...get to work, officer.


Blacklist Games proudly announces Brook City, a cooperative miniatures board game of blockbuster action for 1–4 cops. Taking on the roles of heroic cops inspired by classic action movie stars, players take their cop decks up against sinister criminal decks and cryptic case decks.


Gameplay focuses on a sprawling game board depicting the mean streets of Brook City. Players must use their chosen cop's unique deck to race across the city—both on foot and behind the wheel—busting up their chosen criminal's machinations while simultaneously piecing together the clues to the chosen case.


Brook City thrusts players into a world of big budget Hollywood action, where they can take down dangerous criminals, bust crimes with custom dice, commandeer a variety of vehicles, and solve complex cases inspired by classic cop stories.


Brook City utilizes Adam and Brady Sadler's "Modular Deck System (MDS)," which they introduced in Street Masters. The MDS focuses on quick setup and elegant, card-driven gameplay, while allowing players to customize their game experience by mixing and matching fixed decks to create truly unique match-ups.


  • Created by acclaimed, twin brother design team Adam & Brady Sadler

  • Cooperative adventure game for 1–4 players

  • Unique and original IP based on action cop movies

  • The 2nd game in Blacklist Games' "Modular Deck System" (MDS) line


Brook City is for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 30-45 minutes per cop solving a case. The game features 65 highly detailed Miniature Figures; 6 Unique Cop Decks; Criminal Decks; Lead Decks; Case Decks; Vehicle Cards; 6 Custom Action Dice; Tokens; and a detailed fold-out map tile depicting milestone locations of the Brook City. Brook City is expected to launch its Kickstarter Campaign on May 1st, 1:30pm CST and will offer great price points and exclusives for backers and retailers worldwide.


 About Adam and Brady Sadler

Adam and Brady Sadler have been designing and developing board games professionally for nearly 10 years. They began their careers at Fantasy Flight Games, where they worked on game lines such as Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Second Edition, X-Wing, Mansions of Madness, and Gears of War. After leaving FFG to become freelance designers, they released their first major co-design with Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, to much acclaim. Since then, the twins have designed such titles as Myth: Dark Frontier, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, and Blacklist Games’ own Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom. In addition to designing games, the brothers also enjoy arguing with each other and watching the hit late-90s sitcom Friends.


 Many more Stretch Goals to be unlocked so get ready!


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