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May 23, 2017



Blacklist Games Announces Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom

“1-4 player cooperative miniatures action board game designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.”


Austin, TX - May 23, 2017. Blacklist Games proudly announces Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom, a modular miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games and old-school 2D “beat-em-up” arcade games.


Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom combines the concept of a tactical combat board game with the flexibility of an intricate card game. Acclaimed designers Adam and Brady Sadler (The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game) have developed a streamlined system that focuses on modularity and action, with fighters, bosses, rivals, allies, and stages forming a “sandbox” for players to mix-and-match, creating their own epic showdowns.


Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom offers both an action-packed “Arcade Mode” where players completely customize their experience with any combination of fighters, bosses, and stages, as well as a narrative campaign “Story Mode,” where the fighters’ victories, defeats, and choices help unravel the lore of the game. In “Story Mode,” victory means helpful perks, while defeat inflicts dangerous penalties.


“The first thing we wanted to focus on was translating the thrill and excitement of old beat ‘em up video games to a quick-playing tabletop experience,” said Adam and Brady Sadler, designers of Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom. “We went with card-driven gameplay because it encourages independent decisions among the players and allows for cool thematic abilities that are unique to each fighter. The art and the miniatures are really getting us excited to play the final product! We love the theme, we love the core game system, and we love the modularity and various combinations that can be thrown together. We definitely could not be prouder of this game!”


Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdoms is for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 30-45 minutes in Arcade Mode, 90 minutes for Story Mode. The game features 65 highly detailed Miniature Figures; 6 Unique Fighter Decks; Several Enemy and Stage decks, 4 Custom Attack Dice; 4 Custom Enemy Dice; Tokens; and 6 Double-Sided map tiles depicting milestone locations of the game. Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdoms is expected to launch its Kickstarter Campaign on May 23rd, 1:30pm CST and will offer great price points and exclusives for backers and retailers worldwide.


For more information about the Kickstarter, you can visit:


You can also download Press Assets here:


About Adam and Brady Sadler

Adam and Brady Sadler are an experienced game design team and have produced games for publishers such as Fantasy Flight Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment. As freelance game designers, the twin brothers have created such notable games as Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game and The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary. Additionally, while full-time at Fantasy Flight Games, the Sadlers also contributed to several best-selling titles, such as Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, Gears of War, Mansions of Madness, and the X-Wing Miniatures Game.


Check out the Man vs Meeples interview with the Sadler Brothers on Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom here:


About Blacklist Games

Blacklist Games is made up of a small group of passionate gamers that initially began as an overseas 3D Modeling and Printing company. With their resources and innovation, their goal is to create exciting new games and also take existing projects and re-introducing them into the market. Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom their flagship title ​that will distribute worldwide. Visit for more information on Blacklist Games.


Blacklist Games Austin, TX

Twitter: @blacklistgames_



Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom Board Game Geek:


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