Brook City Preview

November 13, 2017



While Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom is finalizing production, Adam and Brady Sadler have been head deep in the heart of a city, Brook City to be exact. As a bit of a preview to what's to come, here's a quick synopsis from Brady:


Brook City is something that Adam and I have been kicking back and forth for years now. It started out with Adam and I playing some multiplayer Grand Theft Auto 5.


"How come no one's done a good open-world style game on the tabletop?" I asked.

Since then, we've always had the design goal to abstract the massive scale of an open-world video game to a quick-playing tabletop experience. We wanted a big city game board that players could walk across if they wanted to, but they'd probably want to find some wheels and drive around and explore.



However, we weren't exactly inspired by a modern crime story theme, so we explored various options for our open-world design. We landed on a setting that still captured the big city criminal underworld of the Grand Theft Auto series, but put players on the opposite end as heroic cops inspired by our favorite childhood blockbuster action movies.


Brook City features a truly unique suspect system, where each player chooses their cop as well as their assigned suspect tied to the criminal organization known only as the Syndicate. Each player has to draw lead cards from their suspect's deck and follow those leads up all over the city to gain evidence. Players need evidence to shut down their suspect's criminal operations. Once enough operations are shut down, players can apply their gathered evidence to bring down the Syndicate once and for all!


We are very excited to preview more of Brook City as development continues, and be on the lookout for the Kickstarter launching in early 2018! (After Street Masters have shipped to backers... that is a MUST!)




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