Miniatures: A Closer Look

April 4, 2017

We're very exited to show you what we've been working on with the factory! Though you've seen some of our miniature digital sculpts on our Facebook, here's what they look like, brought to life as very rough samples. The first image below, is a resin cast produced from our digital sculpts. As you can see Megan is about 32mm (without her base), which is the average size of our characters, comparative to other popular miniatures tabletop games such as Zombicide, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Conan.


Being rough samples, we are still working with the factory on allowing for the most detail to show up on the minis. The grey samples you see below were created from rough, temporary moulds cast from the orange resin sample - think of these as general examples of how the final product could look for size ratio and poses, though the print detail is of low quality in these examples. Of course, there are several factors that will change as the final moulds would be from a metal cast and the material of the minis used will be a durable, yet hard PVC injection plastic. Some of the facial details have already been edited since these samples were produced, offering more defined features.


We were able to sample out 4 of the heroes/heroines (Kyoryu, Megan, Ying Hua, and Natalia) as well as The Brotherhood Faction (Dmitri, Boris, Drago, and Anastasia) for our Press/Review Kits that we'll be sending out. Just holding these minis in our hands make us all even more anxious to bring Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom to your tables soon.


Looking forward to giving you more spoilers of what's to come in our next updates!




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