In the heart of Nethermoor is the broken tower of Arkenspire—a once-mighty tower built by the sole survivor of the Pheran empire, Szera the Doomchild. 


The prophesied earthquake (known by the Pheras as “the Welcoming”) swallowed the Pheran capital city of Vaulsk, and only the elder Phera who lived in the safety of the ziggurats survived. Thus, the greater Pheran empire fell, and its remnants held the lich queen Szera and her burgeoning empire of Aridika directly responsible. The Pheras brought war to Aridika, and gave their collective lives to break apart Arkenspire and its connection to the Arkenhold—the underworld spiritual prison that Szera sought to rule. 

With their dying breath, the Phera elders spoke the mysterious hexes given to them by the Welcoming and bound Szera’s supernatural energies to the very soil of Aridika. The Doomchild was cursed to wander her broken kingdom, seeking a way to break the spell that prevented her from merging the worlds of life and death. 

Eventually, the First Four Heroes of Eastony defeated Szera and bound her in the depths of her wicked ruined tower… there the Doomchild sleeps, but still schemes, determined to finish her work.  

The Ruins of Arkenspire expansion takes heroes to the accursed tower that was once the Doomchild Szera’s seat of power in Aridika. In the heart of Aridika, the entire region of Nethermoor is completely under the control of the Profaned—a legion of undead abominations that serve their necromantic overlords. As the Profaned begin threatening the provinces surrounding Nethermoor, valiant heroes are needed to push back the undead assault! Unfortunately, there are worse things lurking around Arkenspire than just the living dead... 

Featuring a new hero, a new villain, a new threat, a new story and so much more, the secret of the Ruins of Arkenspire are yours to discover!

Ruins of Arkenspire Expansion