When the first four races of Eastony made an alliance after years of conflict, it began an age of heroes and prosperity. Five Holds was founded, and the Council of Middenvale forged a unified order of law and melting pot of cultures. However, this was before the coming of Szera… 

When the Pheran Empire fell, Szera claimed the harsh and untamed lands of western Eastony as her own. Heroes were called, but none could bring justice to Szera’s unholy tyranny. After the second invasion of Szera’s forces into Five Holds, the Church of the Guided Light chose their greatest champions to lead a counterattack against Szera’s hordes. 

While this historic campaign held many trials and lasted many years, only four legendary heroes managed to brave the tower of Arkenspire and bound Szera between life and death in the Arkenhold. 

The First Four allows players to take on the role of one of the First Four Heroes of Eastony. Gavin Ulrich, Aeveth Namoura, Karon Harrick, and Willow Banks are renowned heroes of legend who defeated Szera and bound her in the ruins of Arkenspire. This hero pack includes all the cards and miniatures needed to bring these legendary heroes into your games of Altar Quest!

First Four Hero Pack