Contra Pre-orders Now Available

You can now pre-order the highly anticipated Contra: The Board Game, our game of run-and-gun action for 1-4 players!

Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, and based on the world-famous Contra video game series by Konami, Contra: The Board Game allows players to create their own unique game experience and challenges every time they play thanks to modular decks that can be mixed and matched for maximum replayability!

Choose your commando deck from among four of the most qualified soldiers Contra has to offer. Choose one of four enemy decks to fight, each one led by a deadly boss that must be destroyed to continue your mission. Choose a stage deck to traverse, providing one of four hostile environments that you must survive and do battle in.

Use your cards to gain the advantage, acquire special weapons to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy, and complete objectives to punch a hole in their defenses!

Prepare to be dropped behind enemy lines and fight not only for your own survival, but the entire world’s, in Contra: The Board Game!

Pre-order the game here. Learn more about the game here.

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