1-4 Players | 45-120 Minutes | Ages 14+


Welcome to Brook City, officer. You’ve been transferred here during a particularly difficult time. Crime has been on the rise, thanks to the mysterious arrival of the Syndicate. We haven’t verified a formal organization behind the admittedly cliched moniker, but it’s what we at the department have taken to calling it. Something foul has taken root in what was once a peaceful and thriving city. We’re tucked away in the valley here, and The Jersey has never been considered a prime trade route. Given that, we are somewhat baffled by the proliferation of just about every type of criminal activity plaguing the city.

That’s why you’re here.

You come with shining recommendations. Your methods have caused a stir, but maybe that’s what we need here. Just don’t let yourselves get too reckless. We play things by the book here.

However, given the Syndicate’s growing reach, and a swelling number of up-and-coming crooks crawling out of the woodwork, your “whatever means necessary” attitude may actually get some work done.

That’s all today, officer. Hit the streets and bring down the Syndicate before the mayor decides to make this a federal matter.


Brook City is a cooperative miniatures board game of blockbuster cop action for 1–4 players, where each player takes on the role of a heroic police officer inspired by classic action movie characters. Gameplay takes place on a sprawling game board depicting the mean streets of Brook City, where players must use custom dice and their chosen cops' unique decks to race across the city, both on foot and behind the wheel (of highly detailed vehicle miniatures), to stop their chosen criminal's machinations and piece together clues to solve their chosen case.

Brook City utilizes Adam and Brady Sadler's "Modular Deck System (MDS)," introduced in Street Masters, and focuses on quick setup and elegant, card-driven gameplay that allows players to customize their game experience by mixing and matching fixed decks to create truly unique scenarios. 


  • 8 Cop Miniatures

  • 3 Suspect Miniatures

  • 35 Crew Miniatures

  • 19 Vehicle Miniatures

  • 8 Cop Decks (25 cards per deck, 200 cards total)

  • 3 Suspect Decks (22 cards per deck, 66 cards total)

  • 3 Case Decks (21 cards per deck, 63 cards total)

  • 1 Vehicle Deck (18 cards)

  • 1 Lead Deck (40 cards)

  • 16 Dividers

  • 4 Turn Cards

  • Tokens

  • 6 Custom Dice

  • Rulebook

  • Gameboard






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