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Ransom City is no more. A missile strike from an unknown origin has turned it to rubble, killing millions in the process.Those that survived emerged from the destruction only to be greeted by V.A.N.D.A.L.; a mysterious mutagen that had terrifying effects on those exposed.

While the government lies destabilized due to the Kingdom’s nefarious activities, the souls trapped in Ransom City have been left to fend for themselves. However, the pharmaceutical giant Parasol Incorporated has taken matters into its own hands and begun to lead cleanup efforts, a decision met with universal praise from the outside world.

Unfortunately, for those within the nightmare, the corporation's arrival has made things worse. Their interests seem skewed, their actions are questionable, and since their "efforts" have begun, people have disappeared, strange mutated creatures have crawled out of the shadows, and what can only be described as monsters straight out of horror movies have begun to run rampant.

Now, it is time for the survivors to fight. Fight for the truth ... and their futures.


Aftershock is a deluxe expansion for the Street Masters board game, adding four new fighter decks, four new stage decks, two new enemy decks, new loot cards, and much more! Expanding on the modular nature of Street MastersAftershock includes two new ways to customize your play experience: missions and showdowns


The mission deck is included to speed up multiplayer games by adding additional ways to support your fellow fighters. Mission cards allow fighters to gain powerful mission tokens, that can in turn be used to assist your fellow fighters during their turn. 


Showdowns are a new type of story deck that can be used in any story mode game, adding a villainous character working in the shadows against the fighters. Each showdown deck introduces a unique story for the associated enemy deck, as well as upgrade cards that will truly test the fighters! Players can also choose to include these enemy upgrade cards in their arcade games to increase difficulty and customize their games even further. 


Additionally, Aftershock comes packed in a massive storage box that is designed to hold all existing Street Masters decks and tokens, as well as room for future content



With a checkered past and shifting intentions, Leeta was made for survival. She almost hates to admit it, but she feels more at home in the nuclear waste of Ransom City than she ever did in normal civilization. Despite her ability to adapt to this new way of life, she is driven by good old fashioned vengeance. 

Her adopted brother, with whom she survived the missile strike and scraped by in the Aftershock, poked his nose too deeply into Parasol’s activities one day and paid the ultimate price: having his head torn from his shoulders by the mysterious Parasol agent known as The Proxy. Leeta was powerless to stop him, and the gruesome sight was made worse by the fact that The Proxy accomplished the task with his bare hands ... as if he were opening a stuck jar of pickles. 

Needless to say, Leeta’s only drive now is to climb the corporate ladder ... and rip its head off in return.

Leeta’s survivalist fighting style is represented by her optimal use of stray loot. She specializes in equipping herself and her allies with loot cards, and uses them to her advantage. In addition to dishing out damage to her foes with her unlimited inventory, she also provides lots of stage utility by giving fighters additional interact abilities to claim objectives or prevent the enemies from achieving theirs.


Ronny was raised by Ransom City’s own heavyweight champion, Douglas “Dukes” James, who reluctantly trained his daughter from a young age to be a fighter after losing his wife to a mysterious illness; he knew no other way to prepare his little girl for the rough streets of Ransom. Ronny was grateful to her father, as her training earned her a reputation on the streets and kept her away from the criminal element that swallowed up so many others her age.

Unfortunately, their time together was short-lived as tragedy struck the night her father faced up-and-comer Marky Blanchard in a high-stakes bout. Ronny, then just 14 years old, had a ringside view of her father being beaten to death as his opponent laid into him with what can only be described as an animalistic fury. She will never forget how he continually pummeled her father’s lifeless body ... and how his eyes burned with an unnatural, sickening green color as he did it.

After the funeral, Ronny learned that Blanchard had died soon after the fight as well, which prompted her to investigate the match. Everything she found pointed to Parasol Pharmaceuticals being responsible for everything. Years passed, and Ronny went pro in hopes of finding proof, of facing a foe with glowing green eyes like Blanchard’s ... but the missile hit Ransom City before that could happen.

Fortunately, Ronny’s father taught her to keep fighting no matter what ... so not even the end of the world will stop her from getting answers.

Having grown up on the mean streets of Ransom, Ronny has adopted street boxing as her style of choice. Players will find that her father’s legacy as an underdog has influenced her approach to fighting, allowing them to thrive when foes have the advantage (such as having more defense tokens). Her powerful punches can also completely stagger minions, making her great at setting up attacks for allies.


There were once two Vadas. One was a happy girl from India that got to travel the world on expensive planes. The other screamed at the top of her lungs from deep within darkened labs. Vada has never really been sure which of these girls she was, if either ... but she does know that one of them died in agony so the other could live. It was a price she never wanted paid, and she has since felt a need to avenge the part of her that ceased to be.

It wasn’t until Vada turned 16 that her abilities truly emerged: telekinesis, as well as a form of telepathy that gave her influence over others. Shortly afterwards, a woman named Jackal appeared, calling Vada “daughter” and promising to teach her to control her "gifts". Unfortunately for Jackal, Vada proved to be stronger than anticipated, and read her mind with ease. Visions of Jackal standing in the labs that haunted her memories confirmed to Vada that this was the person in her nightmares; the twisted mother that made her. With the truth revealed, they battled, each mentally wrestling the other with their awesome powers. Neither won, and Jackal escaped with her life ... and Vada's answers.

Vada spent years searching afterwards, but with The Kingdom’s influence behind her, Jackal remained well-hidden ... until now. There are rumors of strange occurrences within the ruins of Ransom City, and many bear signs that her dear mother is responsible...

Vada harnesses powerful psychokinetic powers, giving her the ability to move objects with only her mind. She is a strong support fighter, using her talents to move herself or other fighters around the environment. She is also adept at disrupting enemy defenses, able to create just the right opening at the right time for a fighter to strike the most vulnerable spot. With her control of the environment, and those within, Vada is a warrior you want to bring along to any fight.


Morris Fornay led a relatively simple life. He spent his youth playing in bands, living it up, trying not to think too hard about his future or direction in life. As he got older, he had trouble holding down jobs and took to drinking more and more to quell the voices that had begun to emerge in his head. One in particular stood out above the rest, and it was relentless in controlling Morris’ life. Morris came to know this voice as Murphy, and he knew that he was going insane the moment he named it.

This lead to him jumping from job to job, town to town. Finally, he was able to land a steady gig at a small corporate office on the outskirts of Ransom City. He was the janitor at a testing facility for Parasol Pharmaceuticals. He worked the graveyard shift, and the nocturnal lifestyle resulted in his multiple personalities diverging further. Murphy took control often, and started snooping around the labs on a regular basis. One night, after reading test results for a particular batch of VANDAL, Murphy decided it was a good idea to open its vials and consume its contents. Murphy's physical form was born that day, a monstrous giant of unmatched strength and ferocity. From then on, the back-and-forth transformations were painful, but Murphy’s healing abilities kept Morris from severe injury. It took months before Morris was able to control Murphy’s appearances, and by the time he had them in check, Parasol was after him.

Even before the Aftershock, Morris’ life had been over. But now, as Murphy, he knew he had a purpose. He just needed to figure out exactly what it was.

Murphy uses his sheer strength to command the battlefield, relying on his supernatural abilities to survive the deadly transitions his body goes through. In human form, Murphy is a subtle fighter that strikes only when it’s opportune to and opts to aid his more able-bodied allies. Due to the unstable chemicals that created him, Murphy’s transformations come with an unpredictable price, represented by his Shift abilities. However, careful planning can lead to devastating outcomes that will often benefit the fighters. But there’s no guarantees with Murphy.



The pharmaceutical juggernaut known as Parasol began as an upstanding organization dedicated to compassion and basic human wellbeing. However, when the Shareholders gained a majority, the old guard was voted out and massive restructuring began. The first victim of the new corporate direction was Parasol’s mission statement. No longer was the company driven to improve the lives and health of people, but instead became laser-focused on obscure pharmaceutical innovations. Parasol labs became a source of urban folklore, as career scientists across the globe were replaced by mysterious practitioners of darker pursuits. Somewhere in the midst of all these changes, Parasol’s various business divisions became united under the Parasol, Inc. branding, and all organization structures siphoned up to a man who was only known as The Proxy. Nothing is known of this individual, except that he executes on behalf of the also mysterious and unnamed Shareholders. Under this new regime, Parasol, Inc. has not only remained the dominant force in the drug world, but has also become a devouring conglomerate that ruthlessly acquires companies from various industries across the world.

With the catastrophe that befell Ransom City —which was home to various Parasol labs and offices— and their stocks at risk, Parasol began an aggressive marketing campaign to let the country know that they would single-handedly take care of all clean-up efforts in the city. “We have the knowledge, specialization, and experience needed to combat this tragedy,” their ads proclaimed. What their ads didn’t mention is that their knowledge, specialization, and experience were instrumental in executing the catastrophe. Their clean-up efforts are nothing more than an elaborate cover-up and postmortem study on the effects of their personalized strain of the VANDAL serum.

The Parasol, Inc. enemy deck represents their corporate strike team, focused on cleanup, obfuscation, and aggressive downsizing. The Proxy is a formidable foe, with 30 health per fighter, and is backed by a team of efficient killers. While he hits hard and generates plenty of defense, his one weakness is his corporate interests. If the fighters can interfere with his agenda by discerning his plans (presented by the Itinerary effects on all the enemy cards), they may be able to seize Parasol’s assets and send The Proxy back to the Shareholders with a less-than-encouraging report.


Megumi Oshiro was born from unethical means in the cold, steel room of a laboratory deep within a secret bunker. By combining the DNA of a martial arts master and transplanted cells from the brightest scientists, strategists, and charismatic people available, Megumi was grown to become a human weapon. Though her body held up to the physical and mental torture that was her birth, the chemical imbalance in her brain and emotional stress of the tests she was subjected to caused her to go insane and violent. She was dubbed “Project X” and classified as a lost cause, and then put in a cage for later evaluation.

With Megumi’s bones being laced with tempered dark matter and blades hidden in various parts of her body, her eventual escape resulted in a bloodbath that left no survivors. Afterwards, she pursued the only person she had any real emotional connection to: Jackal, who Project X lovingly and hatefully referred to as Mother. Project X tracked Jackal around the globe, and when she was finally within reach of Mother, Parasol, Inc. intervened and captured Project X for their own amusement. Caught unaware, Project X became a test subject yet again, with Parasol’s scientists taking advantage of her unique physical structure that proved very resistant to their new VANDAL serum. Before long, Project X was reborn once again in agony, graced with new horrendous mutations thanks to the serum that now coursed in, and was excreted by, her body. 

Project X is a unique boss that doesn’t have scaling health based on the number of fighters in the game. Instead, each fighter will begin the game with 1 of Project X’s Mutation cards in their threat area, giving Project X deadly reach and additional abilities. Fighters cannot defeat Project X until they get rid of these Mutations, which is no easy task as her minions will stop at nothing to protect their master!



In the deteriorating ruins of a nuclear facility, Parasol, Inc. plans to engineer fallout for their own corporate interests.

The fighters will have to tread carefully on the catwalks, or risk dangerous exposure to unstable nuclear material. Even with the V.A.N.D.A.L. serum nullifying the most deadly aspects of nuclear radiation, it won’t take much to become overwhelmed by the hazardous waste!

So, grab a hazmat suit, step into the muck, and put an end to this mutually assured destruction!


Many safe havens have been turned to ruined husks thanks to The Kingdom’s endless assault on civilization. What was once a place of healing is now an ill-stocked infirmary that has drawn the ire of the organization’s allies.

Triage has the Global Gladiators attempting to both prevent the enemies from arming explosives around the hospital while also keeping the healing residents alive. It’s a tough balance to strike and you’ll need surgical precision to survive this operation!


V.A.N.D.A.L. mutagen has interesting effects on specimens that have been exposed to nuclear radiation, and those effects can be plainly seen in this stage. On the outskirts of a city devastated by a nuclear blast, a local wetland is now home to severely mutated wildlife, serving as the perfect testing site for the latest iteration of V.A.N.D.A.L.

The Global Gladiators need to take over the cleanup effort here and shut down the industrial pumps that are spreading even more V.A.N.D.A.L. into the wetlands. But they’ll need to also watch their steps, because the toxic predators that lurk in the bog are on the prowl!


All aboard for direct conflict! The Kingdom is after an important secret hidden away in an abandoned rail yard, and the Global Gladiators must work together to stop them and their lackeys from obtaining it. Now, if only they knew what they were looking for ...

Derailed is all about a mad dash to take out the boss before they get what they need, and the only way our intrepid fighters can slow them down is by investigating the hazardous tracks for clues about what might be so valuable to their enemies. They’ll need to keep an eye out though; the incoming horde of foes might also be accompanied by incoming trains!



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